Your planet is being invaded by alien creatures. You and a group of Genohunters are the only chance of saving it. As a genohunter, when you fight an enemy you retain it\'s DNA and you can mutate to adapt to it\'s surroundings. Cool eh? So blast away aliens and redeem your planet! The game play is fun, you follow your mission objectives and kill aliens. You can switch between characters, they all have different strengths. There is multiplayer game play. The graphics are outstanding. They even looked good on the ATI card in my laptop. Impressive! The sound effects and music were cool. The controls are nice, you use your mouse to look and your arrow keys to strafe. The game setup was easy. It was easy to install and easy to configure. And stable! Overall this is a good game. It\'s a new breed of shoot em up. From a Christian stand point, I am not offended at all about this game. Yes you can mutate yourself. But it\'s the genetic engineering way not the Darwin 10,000,000 years evolving method hehe.


Appropriate 4/5 Interface 5/5 Game Play 4.5/5 Music 4/5 Graphics 5/5 Stability 5/5

Overall 92%

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Cheryl Gress

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