System Requirements
CPU: 500MHz RAM: 96 MB OS: 98/ME/2000/XP HDD: 1.8GB VIDEO: 32MB Direct X 8.1 SOUND: Direct X 8.1 compatible Age: Mature
You are Tommy, a lowly cab driver. One night 2 gangsters crash their car and flag down your cab. They make you an offer you can\'t refuse. Either help them and join their \'family\' or die. You are then welcomed into the Salieri family. Even though you are member you must prove your worth and complete each mission/job flawlessly.

How do I prove myself?

You want to keep the don happy. The demo has a tutorial and a four part mission for you to complete. Your main objective will be to smuggle some first rate whiskey to the don to try. It\'s a more difficult mission than it sounds. You will have to stay alive and keep your buddies alive as well. Police will be a threat you want to avoid. Don\'t speed, conceal your weapons, and don\'t draw attention to yourself. The cops will fine, arrest, and shoot to kill. Also make sure you\'re not being followed.

What\'s in the full game?

In the full game you will get to complete twenty action packed missions. There\'s twelve miles of detailed 1930\'s city environment for you to explore. You will get to see realistic looking airports, train stations, seedy hotels and bars, as well as parking garages. Speaking of garages, the cars look fantastic! There\'s a car encyclopedia so I think the game prides itself on that aspect of realism. If you fancy a car, lock pick it and take it for a spin. The full game will have sixty to choose from.


This game makes me feel like I am in a mob movie. If you don\'t like watching these movies for the killing or swearing, you won\'t like this game much better. Even though you can turn off the blood, you will still find yourself having to gun down mobsters and even cracking a couple in the head with a bat. You will be doing some car hijacking, liquor smuggling, and killing. This is just the demo! There\'s plenty of foul language as well.


Like I said earlier this game makes you feel like you\'re in a mob movie. The voice acting, graphics detail and music score is amazing. The voice acting and sound effects used EAX quite nicely. If you like mob movies this game is right up your alley. Although the game play is fun, there are some things that take away a little bit of fun. The controls and realism makes things a little hard. Fortunately you can customize your controls. (There are separate controls for walking and driving). When firing a gun, there\'s a recoil effect that makes it hard to aim. I noticed some graphics glitches that were temporary. One time, the sound was distorted once I started playing and the only fix was to exit the game. One last complaint I have is that the game does not alt+tab very well. I had to start over a couple times due to people instant messaging me. The game play is fun, but I don\'t like smashing people in the head with bats. If you don\'t like mob movies, avoid this game. If you do like mob movies you\'ll have a blast! As for me, fogetaboutit!

Final Ratings

Appropriate: D Game play: B+ Graphics: B+ Sound: A Interface: B Stability: B-

Overall 72% C-

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