System Requirements
CPU: 350Mhz OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP RAM: 64MB HDD: 100MB Video: 8MB DirectX 8 Compatible Sound: DirectX 8 Compatible Age: Teen
Experience a unique combination of role-playing heroes and real-time strategy game play. Build Hero warriors in the Warlord\'s fantasy world of Etheria and develop them into unique classes such as Death Knight, Assassin or Ice Mage. A new single player campaign delivers 12 unique sides, new terrain and new magical effects. Create multiple heroes and track their courage in the single player campaign or over the Internet.*

Game Modes

The Demo allows you to play the tutorial and skirmish modes. The full version will have multiplayer, campaign mode and an editor so you can crates your own scenarios. Multiplayer sounds very promising. There are twelve types of multiplayer games for you to engage in.


To be the best Warlord requires you to vanquish all the others. Each of the races have their strengths and weaknesses. Not to mention unique creatures. Expect to fight dragons, titans and of course other Warlords. You will need to build up your army by collecting Gold, Ore, Crystal, and Quarry. You can convert other people\'s bases and units as well. The AI is pretty tough, they managed to flatten my camp in seconds several times. So be prepared for battle!
What to expect in the full game:
The full game will have a lot to offer. There will be twelve races including Barbarians, Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs etc. There will be over one hundred and forty unit types and twenty different heroes. You can also custom create heroes. They have four main attributes strength, dexterity, intelligence, and charisma. There are also over fifty maps for you to explore.


From a Christian perspective this game has a few things that need to be mentioned. You can play many races including Daemons. Although there are some cute little imps and devils, there are also some pretty ugly an grotesque ones too. Various types of magic is used and there are one hundred spells you can cast. Finally there is violence which is to be expected with this game genre.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to install. The interface is pretty easy to get around, the demo was limited so it was a little tricky setting up the skirmish mission. In order to start the game I had to set it up too say \'I am the greatest\'. The graphics were decent, not much 3D rendering was used. The characters had some detail but I think that they could have used more. The background music was great but the voice acing was repetitive and silly at times. The Barbarian hero sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger and said things like \'Look at my triceps\'. For controls you mainly use your mouse and keyboard. The game ran very stable, I didn\'t experience any lock ups or glitches. However there are some patches available for the full version that fix some bugs. Overall it\'s a decent game but there are cleaner Real Time Strategy games out there. This one has no story, the only goal you have is to be the best Warlord.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B Sound A- Interface B+ Stability B+ Offensive Content C-

Overall 76% C

* taken from Ubisoft\'s website

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