This is a real cute alien sim/strategy game. You must build up your area by building up to 40 different types of places to keep your aliens healthy and happy. You can enhance the terrain around you. For example, you can make mountains, add/remove water etc. You can trade or sell to replenish your stock. There will be allies as well as enemies, so you must be able to defend your area well. You can also take over enemy territory so make sure your fighting skills are up to snuff. There are three game modes you can play. There is mission mode where you work for an alien race and complete a bunch of objectives, Sandbox mode allows you to do whatever you want here. Then there\'s multiplayer. There\'s a Narrator who helps you out in all the modes. He\'s quite funny, even when he berates you. From a Christian perspective this game is so-so. There are battles between aliens but no blood. It\'s funny, when you lose an alien you are charged $1000 to compensate the family for the loss. So you don\'t want to lose many guys. On a good note, aliens have a need for faith/redemption, that\'s nice to see. However, they also have a need for adult entertainment. You can build \'Love Nests\'. You don\'t see much, just the sirens hovering over the customer. The screen shot above show the process. It\'s not bad, but it could have been left out. One thing I noticed, the male sirens have less clothes than the females. Haven\'t seen that in a game before. Finally, there are also some drug references as well. For example the planet bong, \'in a galaxy far out\' etc. The game is easy to install. The techno/dance music adds to the game. The graphics are good. The interface is nice and easy to use. Stability wise, there are some patches for the final. The game ran well in Windows 2000. This game is really, really fun. I just wish it was more appropriate.


Appropriate 2.5/5 Interface 5/5 Game Play 5/5 Music/Sound 5/5 Graphics 4/5 Stability 4/5

Overall 85%


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