System Requirements
CPU: 133Mhz OS: Windows 95 Compatible. RAM: 16MB HDD: 40MB Video: DirectX Compatible Sound: DirectX Compatible Age: Teen
This game is a parody of the popular game show Who wants to be a Millionaire. Just like the game there are questions that get progressively harder. There are twenty-one levels and over a thousand questions you may be asked. If you get stuck, there are three lifelines. You can poll the audience (100 maniacs), do a 50/50 or phone a celebrity. For celebrities, you never know who will pick up the phone. You may get Ronald Reagan, Bill Gates, Sly or Dr. Evil etc. If you still don\'t know the answer, you always have the option to walk and take your winnings with you.


The questions and answer choices are what makes this makes this game funny. The game will start off asking simple questions like \'How many wheels are on a tri-cycle?\' or \'Generally what direction do you flip a light switch to turn it on?\'. Many questions are based off of movie trivia, TV shows, Foreign Language and vocabulary definitions. And sometimes you will just get really bizarre questions like \'What color is super man\'s shorts?\' You get the correct answer of red, but you also get funny options like yellow in front and brown in back. etc. I am not sure how hard the questions get because the demo is limited to $250,000.

What to expect in the full game

The full game will allow you to play all the way up to a gazillion dollars. There will be more questions and celebrities available too. I am sure the announcer will have more cheesy comments for you as well. The announcer looks like a combination of Regis and Max Headroom. He has an annoying laugh and his mouth movement is like a ventriloquist doll.


Although the questions and answers a funny, the appropriateness is questionable. There is no swearing or foul language, but some of the questions are risqu?. Like \'Who said I did not have sexual relations with Ms. Lewinski\'. Other questions include \'If you smacked Bill Gates in the head with a roll of quarters how much would it be worth?\' or \'If Martha Stewart was choking at KFC, what would you do to save her?\' Granted these are funny but I would not condone those actions or thoughts.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to install, it uses install shield and puts icons on your desktop for you. The graphics were not that impressive, probably 256 colors and the mouth movement on the announcer was unrealistic. The voice acting was good for the celebrities, but the announcer was annoying and repetitive. The background music was fitting. For controls you can use the keyboard and mouse. If you are looking for a laugh perhaps this game may interest you. It\'s $9.95 + $6.00 shipping.

Final Ratings

Graphics C+ Game play B Sound B Interface A Stability A Offensive Content C

Overall 76% C

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