System Requirements
OS: Windows 95,98,Me, NT 4, 2000, XP CPU: Penitum II class HDD: 20MB VIDEO: 6MB SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 6 Compatible AGE: Everyone


Sky Kingdom is in danger! The evil wizard Frozzic had trapped all the magical birds and you need to free them. All the other wizards have failed and it\'s up to you. To free the birds you must solve the puzzles by matching up the magical balls with your different shaped pointers. There are 120 puzzles and trust me, they get harder along the way!

How do I free the birds?

To clear the puzzles you must match up at least three balls of the same color. There are a couple of catches though. Some will not allow you to highlight them if there are different color balls touching them. Another catch is that if the balls are flat on the ground, you can\'t do anything with them either. In order to clear the level, there can\'t be any magic balls left!

How challenging is it?

As if having no balls remaining is not challenging enough, the game does get harder. Some of the levels have different shaped cursors and you can\'t select the order, the game does. Some levels even have a set number of moves you can make! Other levels have obstacles that can get in your way if you don\'t remove the balls in the right order. Finally, some objects animate to make the level clearing easier or harder.

What if I mess up?

Chances are that you will mess up occasionally. If that happens you can undo your last move or reset the level altogether. If you are not sure of how many moves you can make, or what cursors are available you can click on the help button to see. If you get stuck in a level, sometimes the title of the puzzle will give you a hint. If all else fails you can skip the puzzle. In order to advance to the next set of puzzles, a certain number needs to be completed.


Other than the revenge aspect and wizardry story nature, this game is perfectly clean. I would recommend it to any puzzle lover.

Overall experienceEase of use

This game is easy to install and play. The controls are 100% mouse movement. The game stores the progress for two different players. You can see what levels you\'ve played and can re-play them as you wish. Different areas will unlock as you progress. The interface is real nice and the game runs with out any lock ups. It even alt-tabs nicely! The graphics are 2D so you don\'t need a fancy video card to play it. The music is basically MIDI and adds a nice touch although it can be repetitive at times. This game is single player only. If you get help from others when stuck, does it become multiplayer? For $24.95 this game is bound to please some puzzle lovers out there.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B+ Sound B- Interface A Stability A Offensive Content A

Overall 88% B+

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