System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP CPU: Pentium 600Mhz RAM: 128MB HDD: 350MB VIDEO: 16MB Direct 3D Compatible SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8.1 compatible Age: Mature

Here, my gentle reader, you come to the scene. With all the towns demolished by Scharborr's monsters, last few Unkh-Agorites hiding in their secret monasteries and no power to start with - could you save everything? Could you? Well, at least you can try. Survive as the young dragon and develop your magic and strength. Destroy the invading monsters and rebuild the human civilization, make people understand their mistakes and correct them. Make life better for everyone (except Scharborr, of course). The rest is up to you.*

How do I play?

Not many Role Playing Games allow you to play as a dragon. This one does! You can choose between three dragons to play. Arroth is a fire breathing dragon that is strong and does not use magic. Barroth is a magician who breathes liquid ice. Finally there\'s Morrogh a necromancer that can command the undead. Arroth is the only dragon available in this demo.

What is the game objective?

The main goal is to control each geographical area in the game. To do this you must destroy all monster lairs and help build towns. The humans will help you fight the monsters and in return you\'ll help them build towns. Sound like fair trade?

How do I destroy these monsters?

There are many different monsters in this game. You will fight alien looking critters, spiders and slug like creatures as well. They all have a lair that will keep spawning them until you destroy it. When you destroy a monster or it\'s lair you will get experience. Some monster liars hide gems that you need to collect so keep an eye out for them. When you level you get 25 points to allocate to different attributes. Some attributes include magic, life, flying speed, fire power etc.


This game has fighting and destroying of monsters. There isn\'t any blood or gore. Magic can be used in this game. There is even some necromancy and summoning of creatures. It is not required an there is a magic less dragon available. (Arroth)

Overall experienceEase of use

This game is easy to install and play. For controls all you need is the mouse. Left click to point where you want to go, and right click to attack. The interface is decent, I found it difficult to set the vertical position of the dragon. This made it difficult to collect the gems in mid air. The graphics are 3D rendered. Primal Soft claims they use skeletal animation and the dragon\'s movement does look nice. The scenery is nice and you can see it chance from day to night etc. The background music is nice, it\'s super Nintendo sounding. The voice acting is pretty computerized and hard to understand. Thank goodness they have subtitles. This is a single player only game, so there is no multiplayer. Overall this is a unique idea, and it looks interesting. There is room for improvement, but it\'s not finished yet.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B- Sound C+ Interface B- Stability A- Offensive Content B-

Overall 80% B-

*taken from http://www.primal-soft.com

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