System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP CPU: Pentium 450Mhz RAM: 128MB HDD: 1.7GB VIDEO: 8MB SOUND: 16 bit Age: Teen
The demo starts by these cloaked figures summoning divine beings, three of them. They get cast out and one of them goes into you! So along with all the quests you\'ll get asked to go on, your goal is to bring out your inner deity!

How do I play?

The full game has a wide variety of characters but the demo limits you to the male warrior. You can customize your face though. There are the three typical difficulty settings easy, medium, and hard. Like many RPG\'s there are attributes assigned to your character. Vitality, magic, strength, agility, intelligence, constitution etc. You can fight and gain experience allowing you to level up and increase your starting attributes.

What kind of enemies are there?

From what I\'ve seen in the demo you will encounter rats, various skeletons, orcs, mad magicians and undead beings. This is the standard click and kill system so it doesn\'t take much talent to kill them; just good weapons and attributes. If you right click, the warrior will do a full swing and hit multiple enemies at the cost of endurance.

What kind of quests are there?

The starting town is under attack by orcs. The healers won\'t leave because their master has gone mad. Of course you\'ll have to explore the evil catacombs and get rid of the evil source. And if that wasn\'t enough, the healing shrines are not working and you get to solve that problem too. In other words, there\'s plenty of quests to go on. Lots of opportunities to find good treasure along the way.


STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME! From a Christian perspective this game has tons of occult symbols, mainly pentagrams. Most up them were upright but if you click on the stay away link above, you\'ll see a vivid picture of an upside down pentagram with lacerations and all. Furthermore, to get to certain areas you have to put \'magic\' orbs onto pentagrams. Is this really necessary? There\'s also violence, swearing and mentioning of other deities. Lots of magic and summoning. Finally some characters can use more clothing, both male and female alike.

Overall experienceEase of use

This game is easy to install and play. The graphics are pretty good for 2D. It\'s in a third person perspective. The background music is fitting, and very well done. The voice acting is good with many funny comments from the character as you roam around trying different things. The levels and maps are pretty big giving you lots of areas to explore and find hidden treasures. The game ran very stable for me, no lock ups and it ran very smoothly. There is no multiplayer from what I\'ve seen. If you like click and kill RPG\'s and don\'t care what\'s in them, you\'ll enjoy this game. It\'s gotten many great reviews, but not from CCGR.

Final Ratings

Graphics B- Game play B+ Sound A Interface B+ Stability A Offensive Content F

Overall 72% C-

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