System requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, MacOS 9.X CPU: 266mhz AMD/Intel processor, 333Mhz Mac RAM: 64 MB HDD: 160MB VIDEO: 8MB Mac, 16MB Direct 3D compatible graphics card SOUND: DirectX 8 compatible sound card Age: Everybody
Are you into NASCAR or racing? If so, this game is right up your ally! I am by no means a car racing expert, but you can learn a lot about it this game. During the training races you will get a brief history of the track before you race it. You will learn about when it was built, remodeled, how often it\'s raced and so on. You will also pick up on the detail involved in your race car\'s maintenance. You will have to monitor your tire pressure, suspension, spoiler degree angle, grille tape, weight bias and fuel level. Got it? Let\'s roll! In this demo you can do driving lessons, testing session and a single race. In the full version you can also do championship and multiplayer racing. On the main menu, along with these options, you can also set up your player/car, options, replay theater and configure your graphics. When you choose your car there are many models with varying sponsors to pick from. I chose the Kellogg\'s car. After you get your car, you may want to learn about the tracks and some tips on how to drive them. To find out about them go to the Driving Lessons area. You will learn about 2 tracks, Atlanta and Richmond at night. Not only will you lean about the tracks history, you will also be taught how to handle the track and turns effectively. After you learn about the track, it time to drive it. You can only do one track.(Atlanta) I would recommend doing the testing session before jumping into the race. There will be many options to configure in the races like weather, time of day, car transmission type. However, the demo limits you to daytime, a set number of opponents, difficulty level, and an automatic trans. Be sure to practice your turns and braking before racing. This game\'s controls are very realistic. Making any sudden movement doing over 150mph will cause you to spin out of control. Get comfortable with the track before racing in it, or it will be a bumper car game instead of NASCAR racing. The full version will offer both single and multiplayer gaming. You can racing against the computer\'s 17 or so opponents in a race or championship. But in order to get to the races you must practice and qualify first. To make things more interesting you can adjust their difficulty setting and weather conditions if you are looking for a challenge, If you want to play against your friends you can have up to forty three players in a game! From a Christian standpoint, this game is very clean. The only objects that get hurt are the cars if you drive poorly. The game was easy to install, it uses Install Shield. When you set up your video and sound configuration, I like how it tests out the configuration before it saves it. For controls there is joystick and force feedback support. The graphics were good, the cars are nicely detailed with advertisers. The sound effects were good too. There were crashes, squealing of tires, engine and gear shifting sound effects etc. They all sounded pretty realistic. The game ran very stable, I didn\'t experience any lockups. Even though Windows 2000 is not supported it runs great. If you like NASCAR racing or racing against the computer or friends, I would highly recommend this game.

Final Ratings

Graphics B+ Game play B+ Sound B Interface A Stability A Offensive Content A+

Overall A-

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