System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT CPU: 400mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 64 MB HDD: 260 MB VIDEO: 8MB DirectX 7 compatible graphics card SOUND: DirectX 7 compatible sound card Age: Everybody
Have you ever watched a demolition derby before? See nicely painted up beaters getting slammed into until they can no longer run. It\'s a slighty more expensive version of bumper cars. Do you have what it takes to last the longest? Slamming into cars is a great stress reliever and it\'s fun. And in this game only, it\'s safe! In this demo there are three different game modes but two different styles. There is a large and a compact demolition derby. Each has a different variety of cars to choose from. The whole object in this type of game is to smash other cars and protect your own. The other mode is figure eight racing. You can still smash cars, but you also want to try and stay in the figure eight pattern and win the race. All three of these take place in Dixboro. The full game will take you to other places like Pinewood, Zanesville and the nationals are at Huntsville. No matter what game mode you choose, your car will be taking some serious damage. You have a car indicator on the bottom of your screen, green means your in good shape, yellow, your getting hurt and red, that part of your car is damaged pretty bad. You have a sensitive engine too. Too much ramming will make your engine die, you will be covered with black smoke and you will be black flagged out of the derby. Your engine can also steam up on you or worse, backfire. There is multiplayer in the game. The demo allows two people, and the full version allows eight. The AI is pretty good in this game. There are forty five different drivers all have their own driving style. They will come after you and they will try to avoid you too. The full game offers four difficulty settings, the demo allows two. There are many cars to choose from, the full game offers eleven. Some include compact, full size, station wagons, even hearses! From a Christian standpoint, this game is very clean. The only objects that get hurt are the cars. They don\'t count. The game was easy to install. The graphics were good and detailed. The cars actually do dent when you hit them. I like the black smoke and white steam, the dirt clouds could use improvement though. Good sound effects. The game ran very stable, no crashes. You can use joysticks, steering wheels or keyboard. It does support force feedback but I didn\'t feel it. My biggest complaint is if you change your controls there is no reset to defaults. In order to reset them, you have to delete and recreate your driver. Hopefully that will be fixed in the full version. Until then this is a good, clean stress reliever. You can download the full version of this game for $15! You can get it here.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B Sound B Interface C+ Stability A+ Offensive Content A+

Overall B

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