System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME CPU: Pentium(r) II 233 or 100% compatible RAM: 32 MB HDD: 75 MB VIDEO: DirectX(r) 3D Accelerated Video Card SOUND: DirectX compatible sound card
Play ball!!!!!! For any die hard baseball fan those two words at the beginning of the season bring excitement and torment if you\'re a Devil Rays fan). One thing is for sure after playing High Heat Baseball 2002, this game came to play and play hard. Just about everything you love about baseball (and hate) HH2002 has and more. High Heat has many playing options, you can start a season, play career mode, jump right into the playoffs, take batting or pitching practice or hit the heck out of the ball in the Home Run Derby. Also included for those who must show off to other people is a (albeit buggy) net play option. Of course the career mode is probably where you\'ll spend most of your time and well you should. You get full control of every aspect of your team including a full minor league system (AAA, AA, and even Rookie Ball). Through the season menu you can change your lineup, rotation, make trades, pick up free agents and even hit on the owners daughter (whoops, everything except the last one). With the trade screen you can trade up to 3 players at a time for up to 3 of the other teams players. You can also include players from your minor leagues in trades, and if the computer doesn\'t accept your trade you can click the \'negotiate\' button to see what exactly the other team wants. Luckily also included with this game are 5 difficulty settings which means you should never have a problem getting your butt kicked by the computer regularly. One of the few problems with this game was a bug that caused the game to crash to the desktop when you played in Wrigley Field, they have since issued a patch that fixes this glitch (and adds a few more). Hitting is quite realistic and pitching too (darn buggers keep hitting my curve ball). The graphics are nice, but the players faces and some characteristic of the stadiums still leave a little to be longed for. HH2002 also has some new cool features including, passed balls, wild pitches, dropped 3rd strikes, rain delays, and even a mound visit option so that you have some time to warm up a relief pitcher. All of those above features work exceptionally well except that with the new patch, that fixed the Wrigley Bug, it took away the option for the mound visit (which there\'ll hopefully be another patch for shortly). One of my few complaints with this game (except for all my losses) is that the manual, while informative, had some errors for options in the game. But, after a year in career mode I finally figured out how to move my pitcher on the mound and take a lead off with a runner on base (after pressing every button on the keyboard). After you complete a season there\'s also a new rookie draft so you can draft 25 new rookies, also players will retire at the end of the season and if they played well enough enter the Hall of Fame. Ok, so not every game is perfect, like I said this game does have a few glitches. On top of the Wrigley and mound visit glitches there are some other slightly less but still aggravating ones. One of the biggest is that sometimes when you hit for a triple they\'ll credit you with a double or if you hit an inside the park home run they\'ll give you a triple. It doesn\'t always happen, but it is still quite frequent. Also if you just throw fastballs all day in the same spot they\'ll sooner or later hit them, and hit them hard (although this isn\'t really a glitch, but can be a pain in the butt when they start hitting them). The Home Run Derby is another part of the game that can be quite fun if you just feel like letting out some frustration by hitting the ball 500 feet. A word of advice though, if you play the Derby it\'s usually best not to use a pitcher (although I once had Randy Johnson hit a ball 270 feet). I\'ve only played Net Play a few times since I know I can kick everybody\'s butt at... ping pong (but that\'s another story). The online play is fun, the only problem is that usually the game will freeze by the time you get to the 6th inning. Hopefully this will be fixed soon so I can prove that I actually have internet access. Overall if you like baseball you\'ll love this game, if you like sports you\'ll love this game, if you like Barbie\'s... do you have the new Malibu one?

Final Ratings

Appropriate..A Graphics B Game play A Interface A Stability B- Sound B+

Overall B+

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