System Requirements:
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Mac, Linux CPU: 400Mhz RAM: 64MB, 128MB for Linux HDD: 20MB VIDEO: 16MB 3D accelerated SOUND: 16 bit AGE: Everyone


Although the game doesn\'t talk about the story there indeed is one. There are many brain slaves and you\'ve gotten away from the alien mind control brain waves. Defeat all the bosses to free all the brains out there! This won\'t be easy since there are many worlds and drones to stop you along the way. Good luck!

Game Modes

This game has three game types. Solo, Quick Play, and Online. The single player mode is based off of the story and you have to free the brains. You start off with three lives and every level has more and more bad guys coming after you. There are ways to get bonus points and these can get you more lives. (Phew!) Also when you get multi-kills you get quick shot bonuses. Watch out for the bosses, they\'re pretty tough!

How do I play?

LAN and internet games are set up the same way. You have thirteen maps to choose from. There are bots with three levels of difficulty you can add to your team. When a real person joins you can have them auto-kick a bot. If you choose a team based game you can choose to be on the Blue or Green teams. There are four game types Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode, Scrum, and Team Scrum. Scrum is comparable to capture the flag. The Quick Play uses these game types but you play against bots only. Well there are three tanks you can choose from light, medium and heavy. The more armor you have the slower you move. For weapons you have your basic cannon but there are many neat power ups to empower it. You can get rapid fire and range of effect weapon enhancements. If you are running low on ammo you can recharge your weapon supply by going through power-up gates. There is no health or ammo gauge, but you get a warning when you are running low on ammo. You can tell your tank is hurting when you see smoke coming out of it. When your tank can\'t take any more damage your brain gets ejected.


This game is awesome, it\'s fun and quite clean! I\'d say if I were to host a LAN party at a church, I would have no problem hosting this game and letting just about anyone play it. There is no blood or gore and it\'s all comic art and very light hearted. This is good clean fun, and that\'s what we\'re all about! It\'s great to see a child filter available in this game. Concerned parents will find it very useful, however many gamers may find it annoying. It removes all forms of personalization. For example the custom server and player names are disabled with it on. It will be hard to find a particular server or players with names like server 1 or player 5 etc. The filter also disables chat completely!

Overall experienceEase of use

The graphics in the game are good and clean. It\'s based off of the Torque engine. The brains are not gory but cartoon looking. Very nice scenery, with the clouds looking almost Windows XP like! The sound effects very fitting and adds a good feel to the game. The music was very nice. The controls are easy to use, standard keyboard and mouse. The game ran very stable with no problems. I was happy to see it available in PC, Mac and Linux. (We didn\'t have a Mac to test it on) The online play is pretty 56K friendly which was good. An internet connection is required to register the game when launched for the first time. After that it\'s a little slow to host a game without it, but it\'s doable. This game also runs well in Linux while it\'s compiling. Very little stutter given the CPU is being heavily taxed. I would highly recommend this game and for $19.95 you can\'t go wrong.

Final Ratings:

Graphics A- Game play A Sound B+ Interface B Stability A Offensive Content A-

Overall 92% A-

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