This is a 3D strategy game. You must defend your part of the island and vanquish your enemy and their territory. You must do this using tanks, jeeps, all kinds of soldiers & infantry, as well as charging stations for your equipment. In this game your movements are timed, you take turns with the computer or whoever you are playing against. From a Christian perspective this game is pretty clean. It\'s a war strategy game so there is violence, but there is no blood. The game is pretty easy to play once you get the hang of it, and used to the controls. Graphics are good. The music and sound effects are fitting. There is multiplayer as well as single player modes. I am not much of a strategy game player but this one is pretty fun.

Final Ratings

Appropriate: 4/5 Interface: 4/5 Game Play: 5/5 Music/Sound: 4/5 Graphics: 4/5 Stability: 5/5

Overall 90%

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Cheryl Gress

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