The Ant Commandos make third party music game accessories (guitars, drum sticks, microphones) for the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. This review is on the universal Playstation 2 to Playstation 3 USB adapter. This handy adapter allows you to use your PS2 Guitar Hero guitars on the Playstation 3 for RockBand and Guitar Hero 1 and 3 for PS2, as well as Guitar Hero III for PS3. Thank you The Ant Commandos for providing us with this review sample!


* Enable the use of PS2 Guitar Hero controller on PS3
* Enable the use of PS2 gamepads on PS3
* Controller assignment number LED for easy identification
* Power On LED indicator
* Easy Plug and play installation
* Supports multiple PS2 to PS3 Converters on one PS3 allowing you to use multiple PS2 controllers on PS3
* Simple, low cost solution lets you re-use the old PS2 controller.

How does the adapter work?

Installation is pretty easy. All you need to do is connect your PS2 device into this converter and then plug the USB end into your Playstation 3. There are 3 modes on the adapter. There\'s GP mode, or GamePad mode, which is what you need to set it to for Guitar Hero 1/3 for PS2. To play Rock Band you need to switch it to RB mode. Finally there\'s GH mode for Guitar Hero 3 for PS3. It was nice to be able to play Guitar Hero 1 & 3 on our PS3. Some other brand adapters have problems with timing, tilt or whammy bar usage but the TAC adapter works flawlessly.

Why not Guitar Hero 2 or Rock the 80\'s?

Guitar Hero 2 (and Rock the 80s) has proprietary code that detects whether or not the controller is an original one and so only works with the original guitars. This was Activision\'s way of sticking it to 3rd party accessory makers. Although this proprietary code has been worked around for PlayStation 2, there are no adapters to date allowing the use of 3rd party guitars for that game on the PlayStation 3, and it may not be possible without some cooperation from Sony.

So what doesn\'t work?

Even though this device works like it says it does, we wanted to test a few things with the other hardware we have laying around. We tried two different PS2 extension cables with no luck; in order to extend, we had to use a USB hub and that worked great. I tried using DDR Dance Pads with this adapter and it cannot handle multiple arrows being pressed at the same time, which is required for jumps and some holds. Some people claim to have had success in this department. I wonder what difficulty they play DDR on; I play Heavy mode, but beginners may not see this problem. Lastly, rumble does not work with these converters. If you want rumble, you\'ll have to pony up for a Dual Shock 3 controller.

Final Thoughts

This product is great if you invested in a Playstation 3 and you want to re-use your guitars from your Playstation 2 versions of Guitar Hero. As promised it allows you to hook up PS2 guitars allowing you to play PS2 versions of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 3 and also to use a PS2 guitar in the PS3 version of Rockband or Guitar Hero 3 (for those who like the clicking strummer or need a second guitar). My husband found that his score in Rock Band is a lot better with the older style guitars, so I expect that it will get a lot of use when he\'s not playing drums. Do not expect this to work with DDR pads and it WILL NOT work with Guitar Hero 2. If you are looking for a great PS2 to PS3 guitar adapter, this one works really well. The price is around $20 which is reasonable. We have already recommended it to a few family members and friends.




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