Though the game is rated E, I am very disappointed because this game has innuendos. Dragon Ball Z, the hit anime TV show based on the Manga comics (if they were a movie the would be rated x) has a bunch of games and this is the most disappointing one.


Pretty much the same as every RPG on the GBA, nothing special.

Game play:

The combat is terrible. You have to hit each enemy in the right spot or they don?t die. You have to discover each side mission by yourself, and the bosses aren?t really that hard.


There are no voiceovers or anything; they do have some cool combat sounds however. The music is annoying; thankfully you can turn it off.


The story is horrible! Gohan, Goku\'s son gets kidnapped by an evil twin or something. The \'twin\' kidnapped Gohan to get you to join him in destroying the world (how original).


No multiplayer, but that would just be stupid right?


No. The first mission is to find all of Master Roshi\'s Porn magazines.


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