Key Facts:
Publisher/Developer: Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Number of Players: 1-4 (single- and multi-cartridge, and single system)
Available For: Game Boy Advance

Note: I have yet to complete this game, so this review is guaranteed to be accurate only up to campaign mission 17.

Orange Star has just been attacked by the Blue Moon army, and it\'s your job as Orange Star\'s first advisor to lead a retaliation. The story in Advance Wars is fairly simple, but the characters are likable all the same. Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game that requires intelligent planning to survive. There are plenty of modes to add even more to this excellent game.

Gameplay - 10/10
I can sum Advance Wars up in two words: Addicting Strategy Game...I guess that was more than two words. Nevertheless, the point remains. Advance Wars will have you at hello. After the first dozen-plus training missions, you can take your skills to the Campaign mode, and watch the story unfold. The missions in the campaign can be long and difficult. Generally speaking, that is actually a good thing. Winning a fight when outnumbered and outgunned is rewarding in itself. The battles are varied, and with lots of different troop types available there\'s plenty of strategy involved. In addition to the standard campaign, there is also a War Room mode. In the War Room you battle on special maps and attempt to win in as few turns as possible. And that\'s just what is available for single-player, there is also an awesome multiplayer mood included. Select any map that you have acquired, choose your COs and prepare for more even more Wars. Due to the style of gameplay in Advance Wars, you can even play the multiplayer with a single game system.

Graphics - 9/10
The game\'s sprites are fairly simple, but that is mostly due to the art style. There are many special effects, along with plenty of character variety. The intro looks very good, as do the effects used during the game\'s \'CO Powers.\' In fact, while playing Advance Wars through my Game Boy Player, I often forgot that I was playing a Game Boy Advance game.

Sound - 9/10
The sound effects in Advance Wars are good, and fit the graphics. The music is also note-worthy. Each CO has their own theme song. Some of those songs are excellent, while others are simply good. Sadly, the music does get repetitive over time.

Lots of maps (totaling over a hundred), and multiple single player modes will cause this game to last a good while. There are a lot of unlockables that will bring in even more play time. Add in the several ways to play multiplayer, and all of the variables you can set, for even more replay value.

Note: I did not complete this game, but I do have word from Family Friendly Gaming that the following is accurate.

- Violence - 7/10
Advance Wars is all about war. Fortunately, the violence is rather nonexistent. When you initiate a battle, a screen will show both sides firing their weapons, resulting in a \'poof cloud demise\' of troops.

- Language ? 10/10

- Adult Content - 9/10
One CO, Sami, wears a midriff revealing top.

- Occult/Supernatural - 10/10
Each CO has their own CO Power, but these power-ups are nothing even remotely occultic.

- Other Notes -
Respect is commonplace for the main characters in Advance Wars. Even your adversaries will respect your winnings. It\'s just kind of nice to see respect and honor in a video game.

Overall - 9/10
Advance Wars is a winner. There are so many things to like, and so few to dislike, that Advance Wars is a hard game to turn down. If you can take the heat, this game will last a long time. With immoral content at a near-minimum, Nintendo has made yet another great game.

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