The Mystery of Veggie Island is a kids game on the PC.  It takes the 

characters from the world renown Veggie Tales series, and puts them in a 

PC adventure.  The story starts out as you are on a Cub Sprouts Outing 

to an Island.  Watch the intro scene with the canoe landing on the 

island, and your Cub Sprout Leader Bob the Tomato telling you to collect 

your three badges.


One of the unique things about this game is the parental controls.  

Parents can limit the length of time their kids play this game.  This 

revolutionary concept is in the Settings Menu, and works with a Parental 



Move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen to access the map, 

your backpack, or the Stop Menu.


You play the role of Junior Asparagus.


Shape Fitting Puzzles.  In the Shape Fitting Puzzles concentrates on the 

edges.  Right and left edges.  Normally only one or two pieces will have 

a right edge, or a left edge.  Use this to guide you through the 






1.  Beginning

2.  Squirrels

3.  Meadow

4.  Climbing Tree

5.  Waterfall

6.  Camp Grounds

7.  Beach

8.  Docks

9.  Cliff

10. Cave

11. Basement

12. Front Yard

13. Foyer

14. Library

15. Secret Room

16. Art Room

17. Telescope Room 

18. Bunnies

19. Side Yard 

20. Pirate Ship's Cove

21. Pirate Ship

22. Captain's Quarters

23. Find Mr. Nezzer

24. Saving Mr. Nezzer

25. Treasure

26. Ending





In the beginning listen to Bob the Tomato(your Cub Sprout Leader) tell 

you that you need to get your three merit badges before leaving the 

island.  Move the cursor to the right of the screen, and left click it.  

This will move you to the next screen.



There are three squirrels in the trees above you on this screen.  Larry 

the Cucumber tells you that they need help getting their acorns.  

Prepare for a little mini game.  Click on the acorn sign to start the 

mini game.  Three squirrels will come out of the holes in the trees 

above you at different times.  Move the move left or right to line 

yourself up with a squirrel.  Click the left button to notch an acorn in 

your shooter.  Click the left button again to release the acorn.  Only 

give each squirrel one acorn at a time.  I made sure each squirrel got 

two acorns and then I had beaten the mini game.  After you complete this 

game you will now be eligible for the Aiming Badge.  Move the move to 

the right of the screen, and select it.  This will bring you to the...



The meadow has a couple points of interest.  There is a path to the 

middle, and a path to the right, and a big tree on the far right.  Click 

on all three butterflies for a SILLY SONG.  Remember this tree, later in 

the game it will be important.  Take the middle path.  This will bring 

you to the...


                            CLIMBING TREE

Larry the Cucumber will explain this mini game to you.  This is a 

climbing tree.  Click on the branches to jump up to them.  Be careful of 

the angry chipmunks who throw acorns at you.  Left click on branches, 

and once you are on one, click on the next one.  This is the best 

strategy to avoid being hit by the chipmunks.  Do not stop until you are 

on the next one to the top.  At the top of the tree Socrates the parent 

will fly to you, and talk to you.  He will also drop a key.  Pick up the 

key, and it will automatically go into your backpack.  Click on Socrates 

after getting the key, and he will take you down to the Meadow.  You are 

now eligible for the Climbing Badge.  This time from the Meadow take the 

far right path for the...



Larry the Cucumber will be there, and so is Jean(or Claud) one of the 

Peas.  They will ask you for help with identifying the frogs.  Welcome 

to the Lily Pad frog mini game.  Left Click on the first lily pad in 

front of your character for a SILLY SONG.  You click one space in front 

of your character as to which lily pad you want to move to.  You get 

behind a frog and guide it towards the large lily pad on the right.  Get 

three different kinds of frogs on the large lily pad(note the game stops 

once you get three on the lily pad).  Do not worry if you send a frog 

into the water.  Once you do that, you will get the Flint Stone. You are 

now eligible for the Fire Badge.


                          CAMP GROUNDS

You are now eligible for your three Cub Sprout Merit Badges.  Head back 

to Bob the Tomato at the Camp Grounds(first screen you started the game 

on).  Once you enter the screen Bob the Tomato will congratulate you on 

each badge(done one at a time).  Once he finished; Larry the Cucumber 

comes by and admits to losing the canoe, and how your entire Cub Sprout 

Team is trapped on this island.  You are given the task of finding 

another boat.  Move your mouse cursor to the far left of this screen, 

and select it for the...



Left Click on the Star Fish on the Beach for another SILLY SONG.  Larry 

the Cucumber will give you a fishing mini game here to fish back all of 

their stuff that was with the canoe.  Click on the fishing rod to start 

the mini game.  Move the mouse left of right to position Junior 

Asparagus.  Click on the mouse, and move the mouse back to throw the 

line farther.  Be careful of the ducks, they will get in your way.  

Donuts and hamburgers are a nice bonus to get, but not one of the items 

you need to fish out.  The Ukulele is a bonus item.  Be sure and get it.  

This opens up the Camp Fire Silly Songs that you have been acquiring.  

The other items you need to get are: Tire, Hairbrush, Bob's Fishing Hat, 

Fan, Binoculars, Cheese, and Sombrero.  Once you have all these 

items(you only get to keep the Ukulele), then the mini game is 

completed.  Move your mouse cursor to the upper left hand side of the 

screen to enter the...



The first thing you will notice on the docks is the very nice boat 

sitting on the docks.  Click on the boat, and Laura will come over and 

talk to you.  Your mission has now changed, you now have to find the 

owner of the boat.  You can click on the boat for interesting different 

effects if you feel like it(example motor runs, the horn honks).  Move 

your cursor to the far left part of the screen to go to the...



Rocks are falling, and you can only jump so high at once.  Socrates the 

parrot explains this screen to you.  There are also ledges that are 

unstable.  The best way to traverse this Cliff is to start right above 

you, and then move upwards and to the left.  Then once you are as high 

as you can go on the left, start moving upwards and to the right.  This 

will bring you almost to the top.  Take the two ledges above you and a 

little to the left to reach the top of the cliff.  Now open your 

backpack and select the flint stone.  Use the flint stone on the unlit 

lantern.  This will light the way, and allow you move into the...



Once you are in the cave you will notice a path to the left.  There is a 

pirate ship back there.  Ignore that path for now.  Instead click on the 

right wall for Junior to shoot the wall apart.  Behind this wall is a 

door.  Use your key on this door.  You will automatically go through to 

be in the...



This is a nice little Basement with a couple of items of interest.  

First off, click on the alarm clock near the mouse to get the mouse to 

move the crate in front of the door.  Also very important, click on the 

trap door right in front of you.  This opens up the tree in the Meadows.  

Shortcut BABY!!  Okay, head out the door that the mouse cleared for you.  

Welcome to the...


                        FRONT YARD

Talk to Mr Nezzer, and he will admit he owns the boat.  He will only 

help you, and your friends if you collect all of the pieces of his 

treasure map for him.  Pick up the piece of the Pirate Map.  Click on 

the bush to the right of the stairs for a  SILLY SONG.  Move your cursor 

to the front door of the house.  This will bring you into the...



Once in the Foyer, click on the Umbrella to have it give you a piece of 

the Pirates Map.  One of thing of note is if you keep clicking on the 

umbrella, it will have different colors on it.  Also of note is the 

mouse hole on the wall.  Click on it multiple times for different mice 

to come out, and do different things.  Move your mouse cursor to the 

room in the backgrounds.  Enter this to be in the...



First thing to do in the Library is click on the Knight's Shield.  It 

will open a pathway to a secret room on the left wall.  This also stops 

the knight's shield from moving around and irritating you.  Now select 

the crocodile for another SILLY SONG.  Click on the bookcase behind the 

crocodile for a Concise Encyclopedia of Science.  Open this book for a 

piece of the Pirate's Map.  On the left hand side bookcase is a book 

with three Silly Songs in it.  These are not the Silly Songs you are 

collecting.  Now move your mouse cursor to the secret room entrance.  

You will now be in the...


                       SECRET ROOM

First thing to do in this room is to turn the light on.  Once you do 

that, then click on the mouse hole on the right hand side wall for 

another SILLY SONG.  Click on the bottom of the cuckoo clock thingee for 

a small shape fitting puzzle.  Fit all the shapes into the design.  Once 

you complete this puzzle, then the little guy comes out of the clock, 

and will give you a piece of the Pirate's Map.  Turn the light out, and 

leave this room.  Head back to the Foyer.  Now head upstairs, you will 

be in the...


                         ART ROOM

This room has two vases you can interact with, and a couple of 

paintings.  They do interesting things, but nothing that furthers our 

cause.  There is nothing for the quest in this room.  Okay this is a 

Simon Says type of mini game.  The tiles will sound off, and you have to 

select the same ones, in the same order.  Once you do you advance to the 

next room.  Enter this room to be in the...


                          TELESCOPE ROOM

This is a very cool room.  Okay first off, click on the telephone to 

receive another SILLY SONG.  Click on the cabinet to the back, and then 

click on the television.  There are different Silly Song music videos 

that play on the television.  Turn the TV off, and on to get new songs.  

You can move the telescope around, but it had no bearings on the quest.  

Okay, now select the dresser on the left side of the room(near the 

door).  A mouse will pop out, and give you a piece of the Pirate's Map.  

Then click on the rug in front of you.  You will fall through into the 

basement with another piece of the Pirate's Map.  Grab up this piece.  

Head back to the Front Yard.



In the Front Yard there is now a bunny on the lower left hand side of 

the screen.  Click on the bunny to start the Bunnies Mini Game.  This 

game is similar to the Lily Pad Mini Game.  The main difference is you 

hop diagonally.  The goal is to get all of the bunnies back into the 

hole.  Once you get all of be bunnies back in the hole, a piece of the 

Pirate's Map will appear.  Grab it up, and now move your mouse to the 

right hand side of the screen.  This will bring you to the...


                           SIDE YARD

Notice the shed to the right of the screen.  We do not have the key 

right now, so we can not get into it.  There is a gopher sitting beside 

the shed.  Click on her, for the Gopher mini game.  You need to press 

the mouse left click button to throw the baby gophers at the Mama 

gopher.  After throwing seven to the Mama Gopher then you will get the 

key to the Shed.  Now head to the Shed.  Click on the Spider to get 

another SILLY SONG.  Grab the Rope from the Shed.  Now head back to the 

Cave.  This time take the left hand path for the...


                           PIRATE SHIP'S COVE

Welcome to the Pirate Ship's Cove.  You need to use the rope on the 

Pirate Ship in order to get on the Pirate's Ship.  Watch Junior swing 

across from the stairs to the...


                            PIRATE SHIP

Once on the Pirate Ship you can interact with a few things(like the 

frog, and the wheel), but none of them further the quest.  You may 

notice the door into the Captain's Quarters, but it is locked.  Move 

your mouse cursor to the left hand side.  Junior will walk up the 

stairs, on top of the Captain's Quarters, and he will fall through the 

ceiling into the...


                       CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS

Once in the Captain's Quarters, go ahead and click on the Quill Pen on 

the desk.  This will give you, your final SILLY SONG.  That is the last 

secret SILLY SONG.  You can open the treasure chest.  It will have 

something different in it, quite a few different times.  Click on the 

painting in the background.  It will release another shape fitting mini 

game.  Same as before.  This one has an interesting twist to it.  Do the 

pieces, and make the puzzle complete.  Nothing happens.  Click on the 

red arrow, and then click on the painting again to do the puzzle mini 

game a second time.  The puzzle will be different.  Do the second 

puzzle, and it will open up with the last piece of the Pirate's Map.  

Time to give Mr. Nezzer the Pirate's Map.


                      FIND MR. NEZZER

Leave the Captain's Quarters by opening the door.  Head back to the 

front yard.  Mr. Nezzer is gone.  He left a note on his shovel that he 

stepped out.  Head to the Side Yard to find Mr. Nezzer standing near the 

Shed.  Talk to him.  He will take the treasure map, and be all excited 

that he knows where the treasure finally is.  He decides to break the 

bargain he made, and take everyone off the island.  As he walks off, he 

falls into a hole.  Go down into the hole.


                      SAVING MR. NEZZER

Mr. Nezzer fell into a hole after breaking his deal with you about the 

boat.  Be the bigger Vegetable, and go into the hole after him.  Once 

you do, you will see he is stuck in a cage on the other side of a huge 

machine.  Right in front of you is a lever.  Select it, and a puzzle 

will appear.  Once you complete it, the green light will turn on.  There 

are three lights, and three puzzles.  Once you complete all three 

puzzles, then the machine will suck you up into it, and spit you out 

right in front of Mr. Nezzer.  You will then automatically free him.



Now that Mr. Nezzer is free, he will have a change of heart.  You did 

save his life after all.  So he will gladly take you and your friends 

off the island.  Bob the Tomato, and Larry the Cucumber are here now 

too.  You can talk to all of them if you like.  Bring up the Treasure 

Map, and then click on the 'X' that marks the spot.  Now everyone will 

be standing around with an 'X' on the ground.  Click on this 'X', and 

the treasure chest will be dug up.  Congratulations you beat the game, 

enjoy the ending.



The Treasure Chest is dug up, and then it is opened.  Inside is an 

antique Plunger.  You know the kind used to dynamite things.  Well 

everyone talks about it, and Larry the Cucumber presses it.  Nothing 

happens at first, and then finally the wall from the Cliff blows off, 

sinking Mr. Nezzer's Boat.  No one is leaving the island now.  Out of 

the hole in the Cliff sails the Pirate Ship.  Everyone has a way of 

going home now.  Enjoy the rest of the ending.  One thing to note, once 

you beat the game, they delete your character.






                        THANK YOU


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Finally I would like to thank CJayC for creating this site, and  

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