Fight Night is a boxing game (in case you were wondering) that is fun, addicting, but a bit questionable. It introduces a few new ideas that should have been implemented long ago.


This is the most revolutionary aspect of the game. It uses the right stick to punch and the left stick to move around. Swing the right stick forward and you get a jab. Swing it down and around to get an uppercut. It takes a while to get used to, but after about five fights you\'ll get the hang of it.


Exceptional. The character models are very detailed, and you get bruised and cut after getting hit enough. The animations are dead on. You punch someone in the head, his head snaps back. Hit him in the stomach, he stumbles backward.


Very believable. Hearing the crowd cheer when you get in a nice counter really gets your juices flowing. And hearing the announcer at the staples center (when you get there) call out your name feels really sweet.


This is the one aspect of Fight Night that dissapointed me. First off, it\'s a boxing game, so you punch and get punched. I personally have no problem with this aspect, but I understand that some people do. If you don\'t feel comfortable seeing two people beat each other up, stay away from this game. The part that I really didn\'t like (or understand) is that in between rounds, a woman will come out in a bikini and hold up a sign that tells what round it is. You can skip over this, but it still really annoyed me. The music is tad questionable, but none of it talks about sex or drugs, and its all edited for swearing, but you can still tell when the artist swears and I don\'t especially like that.


I really like Fight Night. While it is inappropriate in some aspects, the game itself really pleases. Just turn off the sound, play some DCTalk, and skip the cutscenes and you\'ll have a great time.


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