STORY: Like the first game that came out on the Xbox and PS2 in 2002, Fatal Frame 2 puts you in a haunted world where your only weapon is a camera. That\'s right. A camera. This is no ordinary camera, mind you--this one has the ability to exorcise demons/ghosts by taking their pictures. You play as Mio and Mayu, twin girls that have stumbled upon a supposedly \'lost\' city while wandering in a forest. You soon come upon a camera, and you find out that you can hurt ghosts with it. Great. Now we just have to find some ghosts... the one standing right behind you... This game has some creepy moments that will have you hitting \'pause\' just to catch your breath.

GRAPHICS: On the Xbox, FF2:CB has a much sharper resolution, and has a new 1st-person mode that deals with the wonky camera in use. The environments are beautiful as well, and Tecmo worked its magic on the twins to make them look as realistic as possible. 100% SOUND: The sound in the game is well done as well; the moaning of some of the ghosts will have you quivering before you see the specters. There is no ambient noise (at least I didn\'t hear any), but what you do hear just adds to the atmosphere. 90%

GAMEPLAY: Like I said earlier, the Xbox has a new FPS mode that deals with the wonky camera. By \'wonky\' I mean fixed camera spots, leaving you to navigate seemingly invisible walls that only an FPS would show. The FPS mode itself is fine, although I would have preferred an option to invert the Y-axis. The camera part is good, and taking photos of the ghosts is easy enough. The fun part is trying to get what\'s called a Zero Shot. This appears for a very short while when the ghost is about to attack. If you take a picture then, it will do much more damage. One more thing- if you like fast-paced action, steer away. I think that I could army-crawl faster than these girls can run. TOO SLOW! It takes about 1 minute to RUN down a 50ft street. 70%

APPROPRIATENESS: This game is about ghosts and the occult. Even in one of the levels, you witness a sacrifice taking place (it is not pretty and cannot be skipped). There are a lot of demonic ghost forms and the ghosts themselves appear to be mutilated or something. This game is disturbing. There is a lot of \'scenery gore\' in the later levels of the game and it sometimes made my stomach churn. 50% LONGEVITY: Unless you want to play through the entire game over and over to just unlock some more costumes, you will play through this only once and stop there. 70%



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