The Xavix game fitness system was released in 2005 and has not shared the same success as the Wii. The concept is very similar but each game has it’s own unique and realistic controller. The Xavix Bowling game has a florescent yellow bowling ball that interacts with a sensor built into the cartridge. It is very important to select the right ball for bowling games. can give you more information about it. The accuracy of the game depends on the placement of the console/cartridge.

Tell me about the game

There are three game modes: regular, tournament and challenge games. The three different challenge games are the most unique. My favorite is Panel Crusher, in which you have to knock down blocks at the end of the lane as they drop down. You can’t let them stack too high or you’ll lose. The best way I can describe this is Tetris bowling. Against the clock mode is pretty fun as well. In this mode there are various pins you have to knock down in 99 seconds or less before you get to the next stage. You have as many tries as the clock allows. The final challenge game is moving pins, which is self-explanatory. The yellow pins are good, and the black pins are bad. If you hit too many black pins you lose. The regular and tournament modes are your typical bowling games with the standard rules.

What about the characters?

You can have up to four players in this game. Everyone has to share the ball, but each player will need a unique character. There are eight characters to choose from. You can customize their ball color and bowling handicap (straight or hook), and you can even enable bumper guards if you wish. The game will record each character’s bowling average.


In order to navigate the menu on the game you have to press buttons on the console itself. This is a bit annoying at times. The accuracy isn’t the greatest but it all depends on the placement of the console and your angle to the sensor on the game itself.


The graphics on the Xavix system are very poor. They are somewhere between Nintendo 8bit and Super Nintendo quality. The characters are not super detailed but the bowling lanes and pins don’t need the latest and greatest in graphics to enjoy it. The physics engine used on the falling pins doesn’t seem realistic.


Sound is not a strength on this system either. The background music seems like MIDI quality. There are some classic rock songs I recognized. In the game options you can set the sound in mono or stereo mode. You can also disable background music however it’s not disabled in the challenge games!


Bowling is a pretty clean sport and this game is fun for all ages.

Final Thoughts

Although I like some of the challenge games in Xavix Bowling, it’s not the best game out for this system. It is fun but the Wii sports bowling is much more accurate and has a better interface even if the controller isn’t shaped like a bowling ball.

Final Ratings

Game Play 12/20 Graphics 4/10 Sound 4/10 Controls/Interface 2/5 Stability 4/5 Appropriateness 50/50

Final Score 76%


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