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Here is Namco's newest addition to the Tekken series for PS2. Tekken is a fighting/combat game series. Tekken 5 offers new characters, clothing you can upgrade, and a lot more other special features.


There are multiple stories which are to numerous to go into. The main story though is Jin Kazama trying to rid himself of the Devil Gene. He has had many nightmares triggering the Devil Gene and transforming him into a monster. He must find a way to stop these nightmares before he is completely overcome.

Gameplay: 16/20

Well there are a few modes of play. Story mode, Arcade mode, Survival mode, Practice mode, Vs mode, and a new adventure game called Devil Within. Arcade is a never-ending series of fights. As you progress you receive rankings from Beginner to Tekken Lord. Then there is story mode. This is a nine level mode where you fight your way to the final opponent, Jinpachi Mishima. If you complete this mode you win new characters and money. Then you have practice mode, which is just you practicing moves. Finally, there is survival mode, where you fight an ongoing series of opponents trying to set a survival record. The fighting system has improved in there are all new moves for each character. The higher ranking of opponent you fight the more money you earn to customize. The harder the fight determines he higher ranking. There really are not many new game modes other than arcade and devil within. Devil within is a adventure where Jin Kazama learns more about his past.

Stability: 5/5

Not much to speak of here. The game is totally stable.

Controls: 4/5

This is where the game can be difficult. There is a lot button mashing to do. There are thousands of moves to master. If you cannot take the time to master the moves, then forget picking this title up.

Graphics: 10/10

This is the most visually stunning fighting game I have ever seen. Body and environment detail is great. The facial graphics and lip-synching are superb, the graphics are phenomenal.

Sound: 10/10

The game has improved in graphics and sound. The punching and kicking sounds are pretty good. When you hit someone there is a slapping sound. When you or the opponent hit the ground a smashing sound sounds out. The music fits this game perfectly. Every level has a different song. The voice acting is fantastic! From the sounds of pain to the regular dialogue everything is perfect.

Violence: 8/10

Being that this is a one on one fighter, it’s violent. Luckily it is not as violent as Mortal Kombat. There is no blood. However, there is punching and kicking and at times slashing. All you ever see when you hit someone you see a red mark in the air. There is a fighter called jack-5 who is a robot. When you hit him red appears. Violence is never over the top.

Sexuality: 2/10

There is plenty to speak of here. First off there are quite a few women in the game who are not dressed modestly. The worst is Christie Monteiro. She is hanging out in the breast department and stomach area. The rest of the women are not as bad. But they still are not all dressed. Also in a few of the side clips there are a few sexual things.

Language: 4/10

Their are a few swears. D---, H---,Bi---,Ba----- are all used. So if you don’t like language don’t buy this.

Moral issues: 3/10

The major thing in this game is the fact that a few characters are trying to kill each other. Nina vs Anna, Kazuya vs Jin it goes on and on. Though a few people look down upon vengeance.

Supernatural: 9/10

There is the fact that the devil gene is a part of the plot. It is hard to tell if it is demonic though. There are a few characters that use what some might call magic. And at one point you see a Buddha statue that ends up shattered.

Special features:

In this game there are three new fighters and you can customize their clothing.


This is an incredibly fun game however, it does have some moral issues. Christians may want to take that into consideration before picking this game up.

Final Score: 71%

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