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Bumblyburg is about to celebrate its 300th birthday when the Bad Apple arrives and wants to stop the celebration at all costs. She will tempt various characters and it’s up to LarryBoy to rescue them from their temptation. With all of LarryBoy’s gadgets and the typical VeggieTales humor, this game will bring many hours of entertainment. Parents will like the egg timer feature to limit how much your child can play at a time.

So what can a cucumber in a costume do?

LarryBoy has many different abilities; some of which are unlocked throughout the game. He has a S.M.A.R.T. cape that lets him glide as well as turn into lead to push down heavy buttons. He can also electrify himself to activate certain electrical devices. There are launch pads for him to sling-shot himself across with also. LarryBoy’s water blaster kind of reminded me of Mario Sunshine’s. Last but not least, LarryBoy will get to use his trademark suction cup ears to climb up to really high obstacles.


I have always enjoyed VeggieTale humor and this game is no exception. The dialogue is pretty funny between Larry and his assistant Alfred. When LarryBoy turns into lead he’ll say things like “Man this cape weighs a ton!” or “Do I look over-weight?” There are many spoofs though out this game as well. The first world is LarryBoy’s temptation of chocolate and the candy world is like that from Willy Wonka. The Bad Apple is even wearing a purple cloak and a top hat. Tron and Star Wars/Star Trek are spoofed as well. The LarryBoy cave is a total knockoff of the Batcave and they even have bats flying around it.


The graphics are fairly good for the PlayStation 2. The cut-scenes look really good, though they are pre-rendered. The maps are pretty well detailed and many objects can be interacted with. Each world has a unique look and theme to it. The graphics are very well done.


The voice acting is of the same caliber as the shows being that the voice actors are same. The background and theme music is good. Throughout the game you collect musical notes and the more you collect the more silly songs you can unlock. There are a little over thirty songs to unlock. It’s just the song; there is no video or movie clip associated with it.


Other than the silly songs you can unlock mini-games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Memory, and Darts. In each game LarryBoy uses his abilities to make them more interesting. You can also unlock movie clips and the music video for LarryBoy’s theme song. Finally there are pictures and character drawings you can view as well.


This game is fun for the whole family. The mini-games support two player modes and kids at any age can enjoy them. (Adults too!) The violence is cartoon like and there is no blood or gore. There are good moral lessons learned and you’ll see how other people are affected by the consequences of our actions. There’s plenty of humor but none of it is gross or offensive.

Final Ratings

Appropriateness 54/50 +3 for good family values +3 for good moral lesson -2 for cartoon violence Game Play 17/20 Graphics 8/10 Sound 9/10 Stability 5/5 Controls 5/5

Final Score 98%

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