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Silent Hill 2 has the most atmosphere in a game I have ever seen. It is thoughtful, ingenious, and just a great game. Let us review it, shall we?


Like the other Silent Hill games, this story is CRACKPOT!! A man named James Sunderland (or something like that) lost his wife to something that he calls \'that d*** disease.\' A few years later, he receives a message from her, beckoning him to the town where they met, the town of Silent Hill.


The graphics are great. How can I say more? Everything about these graphics is wonderful! No collision issues, great character models, excellent animation. If you buy games for graphics, get this.


The audio has some good and some bad. And the bad is not what it usually is. The good is just like the graphics, perfect in every way (except an occasional mild swear word). And sometimes, that can be its downfall. This game is not actually truly scary. The noises are what give you the creeps. And as they say, \'Don\'t bother closing your eyes beacuse, what you see isn\'t half as disturbing as what you don\'t.\'

Game play

The game play is not as perfect as the audio and video. While the camera is great and they have great controls, the fog makes it difficult to find where you are supposed to go. And the puzzles... You can set the puzzles at a certain difficulty, just like the action. The same with both, set it at easy, the game is way too easy, set it at hard, you will never beat it.


Ah, my favorite part to write about. Ok, while this game is violent, you are killing(what looks like) monsters. This game is not for younger gamers that get scared easily, because some of these monsters can look ... strange. There is mild swearing, but nothing too bad. Also, a bar has a neon sign of what looks like a nude woman, but that is the only thing like that. Finally, some Christians might not like the story for obvious reasons(see above), but it is not truly harmful (unlike Silent Hill 3,stay away from that! While this one is pretty much ok, 3 has demons and an evil god, this one just has monsters). If you do not mind the violence, the mild language, and the crackpot story, I recommend you pick up this game.


This game is great, even though the only truly scary thing are the sounds. There is not too much that is offensive, but if you think things like Lord of the Rings or The Legend Of Zelda are evil, stay away from this one.

Story B Graphics A Audio B Appropriateness C+

Overall: C 84%

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