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Publisher: Capcom U.S.A. Inc. Developer: Capcom U.S.A. Inc. Platform: PS2 Category: Action,Adventure,Online Rating: M for Intense Violence, Blood and Gore


The story of the first RE game explains all the others. A company called Unbrella was working on a chemical called the T Virus. While experiments where done on the T Virus and accident happened and the T Virus turned all the scientists and workers into Zombies. The zombies escape from Unbrella into the city (Raccoon City) Get into a mansion, a boat, and a train, (I?m not talking about Steven Sagal\'s Under Siege movies) and now an apartment complex, a bar, and other places.


Like all the other RE games the graphics are perfect for a zombie game like this. The faces look astonishing, almost real. The zombies however look like guys from Day of the Dead. The blood looks very real, however, if you watch CSI you won\'t have any problems. The backgrounds are also very nicely done. But the game has such poor lighting you\'ll be lucky if you can see them.


The sound is also done well. Complete voice-overs for each and all the characters. The sound effects are very cool. The creaking of floor boards when you?re walking in a wooden area, the footsteps of friend or foe. The music is also perfect for this game. The music will have you on the edge of your seat. But a lot of the time the music is so loud you can\'t here the footsteps of a zombie coming. Or you can hear them and you can\'t tell if that?s your friend or a zombie.

Game play:

This is were the game falters. First off you can\'t shoot and move. This serves as a problem. The zombie is getting closer, you have plenty of ammo but you can\'t get a shot in because he is right in front of you. You can\'t even back up! Weapons are everywhere in this game which serves as a plus. The down side is that every person you play as besides one, can only hold four items. So you have to use your slots wisely (like every thing else in life: Money, insurance, etc.). Health is also a problem. You will lose a lot of it, and normally there is almost no health around, but you can ask for health items from your partners if they have them.


The zombies are pretty stupid. If you run in a room with lockers in it and a zombie follows you, all you have to do is get in a locker. It doesn\'t even matter if he sees you. He won\'t check the locker. Though the bad guys are stupid you get two AI partners. They are pretty much invincible so you can let them do the fighting while you run away. That is probably the best thing about the game.


One of the best things about this game. You can play online in co-op or in a death match. In co-op mode you and your friend wherever he/she may be (London, France, down the street) you guys get to blast Zombies together. In death match you basically kill each other for kicks. Hmm.......


First I will start of with my favorite feature... you can turn into a zombie. You have this little meter that when it fills up or something (not quite sure how it works) you become a zombie! Than after five minutes of being a zombie you die. You have Ai partners, online play, and a good scare.


Not much to say about the camera. Every time you turn a corner the camera changes. You can\'t adjust it so that?s pretty stupid. You will find yourself running into walls. Just like every other RE game.


The single and most important reason why I do not recommend this game: First off, this game has a lot of bad words in it. Bad enough it should have got a strong language rating. They say the S word a lot. They also take the Lord\'s name in vain a lot. Even the F word is in this game. They don\'t say it but it appears on screen. Though the game has zombies in it, they are not supernatural. They were victim to a chemical that?s all. There is also a lot of blood and gore, a lot. If you don\'t mind zombies, blood and gore this game is ok. But since it has such horrible words in this game that makes it not ok. Last but not least, there is a poser in this game, like in the first Re game of just a close up picture of a lady?s rear end, she is wearing a thong which is completely inappropriate and not necessary.

Final Ratings

Story - C Graphics - B+ Sound - A- Camera - F- Appropriateness - D-

Overall: 64%

This game is not a game I recommend. There are better games to spend your money on. This game does not honor the Lord. Think about it before you plop down $50.

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