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Everyone has been waiting for this review. I don\'t mean to sound fanboyish, but, I have never played a better game. There are a few flaws, but most of them(most) can be overlooked just because this game is so awesome.


The first major flaw(and one of the only).1,000 years ago, The Dark Knight Sparda imprisoned the evil Mundus. He went to earth to start a family and lead a normal life. Years later, Mundus has risen again and it is up to his son, Dante, to destroy him. As you can see, the story is a little whacked out. This is one of those games where you usually enjoy the game play more than the story. A bit of a disappointment, but, oh well.


The graphics are pretty smooth for a three-year-old game. The frame rate is great, and the environments look real(well, as real as this sort of thing can look). The enemies and character models look great, all with a great amount of detail. The graphics would get a perfect if Trish didn\'t look like a homely Silent Hill reject.


The audio somewhat falters in areas. The sound effects are great, but the voice acting is overdramatic and the script is quite cheesy. But, it is so cool to hear Dante cut apart one of those creepy marionettes. Ughhhhh. Still sends shivers down my spine.

Game Play

The game play is great on this game. It originally started out as a Resident Evil game, but as you can see now, it is much better than Resident Evil. The control scheme is the best part, it is simply a joy to move around and slice things up or shoot them with some duel handguns, named Ivory and Ebony. Besides when the camera gets funny sometimes, this has excellent game play. It is quite hard, and you must fight almost every boss several times before they are dead. But, on the hardest difficulty, this game takes about 10 hours to beat. Sad.


Mmmm...the game falters in this, but does not fail. The main thing is that the game deals with demons. That is what you kill. But, it does not glorify them or suggest worship, just kill them. And there is one more thing about it, Dante has a devil meter, when it fills up, you turn into this thingy, fly around, kill stuff, and then go back to normal. There is little to no swearing, and the only sex-related thing is that Trish wears a somewhat revealing dress.


This game has a few stumbling points like Return To Castle Wolfenstein, but this is a better game, and I would recommend it more. Anyone that likes action games, should consider picking this one up.

Final Ratings

Story C- Graphics A Audio B Appropriateness C- Game Play B

Overall 78%

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