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ESRB rating: T (Lyrics. Be advised.)

Ok, on, the genre was \'music.\' But, seeing it\'s intriguing multi-player mode, I\'ll put it in party. Ok, anyways, Amplitude is one of my favorite games of all-time. Why? It\'s unique concept. I mean, what could be better then flying down a track of music blasting capsules to release music? I don\'t know. Perhaps, releasing Christian music.


Quarashi=Baseline, Garbage-Cherry Lips, Freezepop=Super Sprode, Blink 182, David Bowie, Dieselboy... Yep, the whole genre. Only labeled the SONGS I knew for sure.



In this mode, you only play the primary notes. TOO EASY.


This mode is also pretty easy. But, if you are new to the game, you may find it a challenge.


This is where it gets hard. Playing most of the notes in the song is a real challenge.


This is ONLY for the mentally deranged. Songs like Baseline are near-impossible to play on Insane mode. After all, ya gotta play ALL the notes! You will rely on power-ups here more then any other mode.


Ok, this is another thing I like. The graphics are so, so, so awesome! The backgrounds show many screens of the actual music video! That part I like. And, whenever you hit a capsule, the screens rotate. It\'s really good in graphic-wise.


Gee, a music game, oh, I really wonder if it\'s gonna have bad sound.... DUH! This game has some of the best sound I\'ve ever heard. Just the music in he game is good enough! They don\'t need all the other sounds, but they do help.

Game Play:

This is what it\'s all about. The game play. Like most rhythm games, you\'re thumbs will be hurting by the time you\'re finished. But, the nice L1 R1 R2 controls make it a relaxing experience. Just use your thumbs to press the X button and use the analog.


Oh man... WHY MUST THE MUSIC BE SO OFFENSIVE??!!? Well, David Bowie and Garbage aren?t\' that bad... But, I\'ve only heard a few of them. Freezepop\'s SuperSprode has a bit of, um, well, disturbing lyrics. Which is too bad, seeing that it\'s so DANG ADDICTIVE.. You\'ll see for yourself. Quarashi is worse then I had first thought it. They use the f and s words in Baseline. That I know for sure. Garbage\'s song, Cherry Lips, was actually pretty mild. I didn\'t hear any swears, but it\'s so hard to understand them like most songs. Dieselboy is just all-out weird. Aaaand, that pretty much covers it. WARNING. IN THE SITES HOME PAGE, SUPER-SPRODE WILL PLAY.


A pretty good game. If you don\'t pay attention to what they\'re saying, it\'s worth a shot at your local EB Games or Gamestop.

Content: C- Graphics: A Sound: A+

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