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Very nice actually. The entire game looks like a cartoon, mostly due to the colors. The characters are beautifully animated, and the lip-syncing is acceptable. Story Nothing of note. Jak disobeys the village elder and decides to go to a dangerous island. When there, his friend Daxter falls into a pool of Dark Eco and transforms into a cross between a weasel and an otter. Tne entire game circles around Jak trying to turn his friend back and save his island, but that\'s impossible to explain without spoiling the plot.


The acting is pretty good really, the only two characters I was disappointed with were Jak and Daxter themselves. First of all, Jak has no voice, and I found this distracting. Daxter?s voice was so whiny and high-pitched I felt like throwing my controller at the television.

The music is forgettable, but nice nonetheless. Sound effects and the like are simply perfect. Gameplay The entire thing pretty much consists of running around and doing mini-games. You will only encounter about 30 enemies (Except for the occasional rather annoying ambush), and the mini-games are so easy I found myself beating it in around 4 hours (WITH 100 power cells). Don?t get me wrong, J&D is not a bad game at all, it?s just I don?t believe anyone really wants to spend $20 on a game with just one boss and doesn?t even last a week.


Some people may be offended that Daxter is transformed into an \'ottsel\' by falling into a pool of some kind of energy. One of the characters, Maia, is very scantily clad (Wearing something that looks like a bikini top and loin cloth). Sexual content is limited to a near kiss at the end (Interrupted by Daxter). One more thing, in one of the lands, you find a gambler who you are pretty much required to help, played for laughs. Overall This game certainly does not live up to all the hype, but is enjoyable for a couple of hours. Since it is one of the cleanest titles for the PS2, I recommend it for ages 4+. One more thing worth mentioning is the sequel, Jak II, is JAM PACKED with innuendo and language, since this one ends with quite a dissatisfying ending, I should say that the sequel has NEXT TO NOTHING to do with the original.

Graphics A

Story C-

Sound B-

Gameplay B-

Content B+

Overall B

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