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Wow... These are better than FFXs! There are only around 5 FMVs in the game but the ones that are there are beautiful. Even the field graphics are beautiful (I think I used up most of my Memory Card saving before my favorite movies).


Minor FFX spoilers ahead! Yuna finds a sphere with the person she thought was gone forever begging for his life! Is it really him or just someone who looks like him? Believe me, it\'s a lot better than it sounds.


The music isn\'t terrible, but it\'s not great either. The battle music is a techno-pop sort of thing. You can always turn the sound off if you don\'t like it. The theme songs (Real Emotion and 1000 Words) are ok, nothing great.


This game is actually VERY fun and it made this one of my favorite Final Fantasies! It isn\'t turn based like FFX, they\'ve gone back to the \'Active Time Battle\' bars, and there?s also no Overdrive or Overkills. However unlike any FF so far, there is a \'Garment Grid\', which allows the character to change classes during battle. If you use each class on the Garment Grid, you can access a special class that does massive damage!


As you probably already know, there are some revealing costumes in this game (See screenshot), though nothing worse than what Shiva wore in FFX. There\'s about 2 curse words, which is impressive in a \'Square\' game. Two characters named Dona and Barthello used to live together (Not married). When you change classes, the girls change costumes, but nothing is shown at all.

Graphics A+ Story A Sound B Gameplay A+ Appropriate C-

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