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Armored Core 2 is very similar to the Gundam Wing game series, yet it has a lot of different touches that make it superior to the Gundam Games. The main story is that you\'re a pilot of a giant fighting robot thing and you do jobs for a company.


The graphics are pretty good and I enjoyed them a lot. Unlike a few games, this has no glitches that I noticed. Though there are a lot of games with more impressive graphics like FFX, but thats to be expected since its a different genre of game.


Well after maybe 4 hours of game play you might get a little tired of hearing your machine gun or your rocket launcher. Other than that the sound effects are well done.


As I said above you do jobs for a company and have over 45 missions to do. Along with missions, there is a ranking system with all the other cpu pilots and it\'s pretty amusing since there is a ton of them and they all have their own personalities.

Game play:

I iked it a lot. You\'re able to customize your entire machine, with guns, swords, different types of like modifications, different arms, etc.


This game is rated T for animated violence. Well yeah giant robots with pilots using machine guns and rockets to destroy eachother\'s robot. Other than that this game rocks. Since I do not believe that animated violence (because even Pokemon, Megaman, and cheesy games as the such have violence), this game will receive an A- .

Final Ratings

Graphics: 95% A Sound: B+ Story: A- Game play: A- Appropriateness: A-

Overall 95%

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