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Well this is another one of the Famed Breath of Fire games. Where you as a normal person just living out your life then of course you eventually find out you are a ?destroyer of Worlds? or something like that.


Pretty decent compared to the other bof's. Though personally I liked bof 4's graphics a lot better than dragon quarter. The cut-scenes are nicely done, though no voice animations I was kinda disappointed with that. Turning into a dragon was just as same as 4.


I actually enjoyed the sounds and the music a lot. I never really tired of the sounds since most of the time it was different. Sounds that around your area was also well done.


Well actually I don't know how to explain this one much. Apparently everyone lives underground and the government is set on D-ratios. The higher the ratio the higher you are. Well your a very low d at start and then work your way up during the game. But in the beginning your on a mission to make sure this cargo doesn't fall into the wrong hands. But later you find that this cargo is a girl who has wings and is named Nina.

Game play:

This was actually very hard. The battle system is very intriguing. It has actual turns and yet it has a a system similar to kingdom hearts. Running around is really simple and you can still use your sword when running around. Though you cant hit people and get cash you can use it on enemy\'s before battles to gain an extra turn.


Well as usual this has a lot about being the ?chosen? to change the earth forever. Thats really the basic theme to the bof series. Now the game is rated for nudity however I wasn't able to play it enough to actually get to that particular scene or ability or whatever spot in the game. But I will rank this a c- for appropriateness.

Final Ratings

Graphics: B Sound: B+ Story: B- Game play: B+ Appropriateness: C-

Overall 78%

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