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For: PS2, Arcade Published by: Konami Developed By: Konami Version Reviewed: PS2 ESRB Rating: M for Blood, Gore, Violence, Strong Language, Mature Sexual Themes Learning Curve: 60 Minutes
Reviewed by: Drew Regensburger

I\'ve always found shooters, especially first person shooters, enjoyable, mainly because they can squeeze more emotion out of you. This game doesn\'t do that. Maybe it\'s because you play the majority of the game behind a sniper scope, or, as the game so aptly calls it, a silent scope. I don\'t think there is reason for the killing of the armed guards in this game, besides the fact that they are in the way. The story is that there is a team that has gone missing, and one of the main characters, named Unknown, has his girlfriend on it. The agency he\'s working for hires another man named Unknown, who also happens to be a mercenary, work along side the 1st Unknown. You eventually end up at an arctic base that you have to enter. That\'s not too difficult. But soon, you have to take out a generator, thrusting the entire facility into darkness. (You\'d think that they\'d have backup lights.) The first boss, in the base, of course, is a crazy lady (and crazy is the nicest word that I can muster up for her mental disorder), who cackels and shoots flames at you with a flamethrower. And, guess what? You\'re armed with a sniper rifle. Oh, FUN!!! It gets better too. The next level has you on a snowmobile trying to shoot the terrorists off the snowmobile in front of you. There are scantily clad women throughout the game, representing health. The look like they walked out of the Miss America competition. You have to shoot them to get more health, but there is no obvious way to get to them. Not that you\'d want to. I mean, why couldn\'t you just have plain hearts for the health icons??? The game is violent, especially considering that there are bad dudes running around, trying to figure out who\'s shooting at them. I\'ve got better A.I. in my thumb than this game has in the disc. The controls are oversensitive, and are not good for the analog sticks that the PS2 revolutionized, making it EXTREMELY hard to take down your target. And when you do, they pummel to their deaths 100 feet off the bridge that they so happen to be standing on the edge. How convenient. From a Christian perspective, this game is violent. It has scantly clad women, and there is a lot of blood if you stay long enough to care to look. It kind of gives you a dirty feeling. I would like to have a good game of Bond more. At least I could play my friends at the game instead of having to hook up 2 PS2\'s.

Final Ratings

Appropriateness F Game play C Graphics A+ Sound C Controls F

Overall: 41% F

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