Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Rare
ESRB Rating: M for Blood, Violence, Strong Language
Reviewed by Drew Regensburger

It is a classic X-Files-esque formula. A secretive corporation, keeping a good front for the world, is making deals with evil aliens with plans for galactic tion. And only you can stop them. Playing as the Carrington Institution\'s best agent, Joanna Dark (the only agent to score an A++ in all training scenarios.), you have to uncover the mystery behind the evil corporation, called dataDyne in this story. You would expect the story to be as good as Rare\'s previous FPS outing on the N64, GoldenEye; it\'s not, though that\'s not to say the story isn\'t good. In fact, it plays like a good spy flick, although with more focus on than on spying. You do get to spy once or twice in the game, but you don\'t actually get to spy per se--you record the spying with something called a SpyCam. The action is good, but the game is bloody, with every guard having blood spatter out of his/her chest. There are about 30 missions, each with varying levels of difficulty, even on the Easy difficulty setting. Mostly you are evil humans, trying to attack you with insurmountable numbers, yet you can kill them with two bursts into the chest. The multiplayer is truly revolutionary, with co-op missions and counter-op missions, all following the same story as the single-player game. The multiplayer watch is pretty good too, first introducing AI Bots to the N64. You get many weapons, including the Reaper, which can shoot bullets like a chain-gun, or go for the close combat with grinder. I\'ll let you take it from there. There is cussing in the game, as a word of warning. However, there is a filter, so you can filter out the cussing which includes almost every word in the book, including our God\'s name in vain. This cannot be filtered out, so be wary of that aspect of the game. From a Christian perspective, this game stands against almost everything that is Christian. There are cuss words, God\'s name in vain, blood, killing, violence, killing for sport, assassinations, --you name it, PD\'s got it. I would stay away from this game for all extents and purposes, unless you absolutely can\'t resist.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play A Appropriateness F Sound A Controls B

Overall: 70%

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