Conker's bad Fur Day is, without a slightest doubt, a great, offensive N64 title that showed the Nintendo can create mature rated games just like Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo has recently been trying to shed it \'Kiddie\' image by releasing my offensive titles like the Resident Evil series and BMX XXX. Unlike BMX XXX, Conker is a game that parents will scorn.


This is a N64 title, so they aren\'t quite as sharp as the once seemed. They are still colorful and work. The character models are funny and well crafted. Overall the graphics are decent but sub par by today?s standards. I give it a B.


One word, AMAZING. The soundtrack is average but the voice-overs are show stealing. Conker never shuts up for long and for once, this is a good thing. Ever character has a stereotypical voice which usually ends up the butt of a joke. I give it an A.

Controls and Game play

Anther highlight is the game play and controls. The game play never gets old, from the standard platformer to a shooter, the game variety keeps coming. This makes me appreciate the flawless controls and the average camera system. The camera will deceive you every once in a while, but that?s the major problem in all 3d platformers. Even with the flawed camera, i give it a B+.


The story revolves around the squirrel Conker, who gets drunk one night and loses his way home. Will this is happening a king needs a new leg for his table so his milk doesn?t fall off. The king\'s scientist (with a Germany, stereotyping) recommends the new leg be replace by a squirrel, hence Conker. Craziness ensures. I give it a B.

Offensive Content

Yep, lots and lots of it. Where to start, aww, how about the story I wrote above. The squirrel gets drunk and stumbles off. There is also tons and tons of vulgarities, but the really rough ones are beeped. Another problem with the game is its violence. The squirrels go into war with the tedz, a group of militarist teddy bears. In this part of the game, blood flies and so do parts of bodies. There are some sexual innuendos between Conker and his girlfriend, Berry. And add to the icing on the cake of offensiveness, you get to do battle with a large pile of feces who has a theme song. This song si about how he wants to sodomize him self with your head. Gross. F.


I like this game, even through its offensive humor and gore. I think many will be turned off by that. Those that stay through it will find unique game.

Final Ratings

Graphics: B Sound: A Game play and Controls: B+ Offensive Content: F Story: B

Overall: C+

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