Opening Thoughts

Okay okay, well last I checked it was 2004 not 1984, but I decided to go along with this review for a game that is well past its prime and expiration date. Pirates Gold for the sega Genesis is a fun, interesting and well, different and you play as a Pirate, AGGRGG!


I could easy review this title as if it was released to day, but the scores would be terrible in sound and graphics so lets jump into a time machine and review as if it were the 1980\'s. Okay, like these graphics are totally rad. Okay that?s the last 80\'s lingo I will use, I promise. Okay the graphics are standard for genesis, but they are colorful and will put a smile on your face because they are cheesy by today?s standards. The ships all look alike except their size which changes a little. Oh, yeah all the captains look alike too. I give the graphics a solid B.


I could not stop laughing when I played this game because not only is it a lot fun, but the sound shows its age in hilarious ways. Look out for the crowd pleasing \'AGG...I surrender\' we you defeat a captian. I give it a chuckling C. HAHA

Game play and Controls

Near Perfect! The game play is a lot like the Sims, expect you get to plunder towns and sail the seven seas. ARRGG my mates. The game play does become repetitive because of the limitations of the Genesis. Most of the time you\'ll be plundering towns and capturing ships. That?s about it. It\'s still fun because you start with one puny ship and soon (hopefully) you\'ll have an armada. The controls are good and solid. I give it a B+.

Offensive content

Argg, nothing here mates. If you have seen the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie, you\'ve seen this game. Plundering ensues but its hardly graphic and the sword-fighting is bloodless. I give it a A-.

Cool Where can I get this Game!!!

Now if your think this, and you should, I got some really bad news. This game is RARE, hard to find, a needle in a haystack, if you get my drift. So unless you want to spend hours and bundles of cash tracking this title down, I recommend the use of an Emulator. There are many sites with this rom on them the best being because of the lack of pop up ads and porno ads.


I love this game. Its definitely aged poorly in some areas like graphics and sound, but the game\'s premise is unbeatable. Come on, haven\'t you wanted to be a pirate, now you can. Go find this great title you wont be disappointed believe me. Overall this title gets a shiver my timbers A-.

Final Ratings

Graphics: B Sound: C Game play and Controls: B+ Offensive content: A-

Overall: B

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