Resident Evil 1
Nintendo Gamecube
1 player
2 discs
Rated M for blood, gore, and violence.

Resident Evil, originally released in 1996, helped start an entire genre. Now that Capcom has pledged to release RE solely on the Gamecube, with the exception of 2 games, they are remaking some of the older ones, starting with number 1.


In Racoon City, a remote mountain commumity, a bunch of bizzare, grisly murders occur. In the middle of all this is a giant mansion called The Spence Estate, which is owned by the pharamcuitical company called Umbrella Incorperated. S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) is sent in to investigate.


Honestly, these are the best graphics in a vidoe game I have ever seen, period. The textures and surfaces all look great, and the prerendered background will help scare you crapless. This just goes to show the the Nintendo Gamecube IS the best console.


This game sounds amazing. There are probably forty different sounds for FOOTSTEPS alone. You can hear the wind moving in the trees, chains rattling, and all of that. On the down side, there are only like four or five different types of zombie moans. A little more would have been nice.


The gameplay in this game is great. You can shoot things, solve puzzles, and explore. Oh,yeah. YOU GET SCARED. This game has great atmosphere, and it has jumps as well, unlike Silent Hill 2. The boss fights can be a bit frustrating,though. Also, there is a little bit too much of the fetch the key type stuff.


Most people hate the Resident Evil controls, but after playing for about 20 minutes they are cool.


Some Christians think this game is demonic, satanic, or just plain evil. They obviously just looked at two screenshots, and not much else. The zombies and stuff are just the by-products of a geneticly engineered disiease called the T-Virus. And while this game is not evil, it is violent. Though all you kill is monsters etc., there is a lot of blood and gore. Decapitations, body mutilations, and blood spilling over every available surface. It is like a campy Bruce Campbell B-movie game. And there is little swearing, but all I have heard is 1 D word and 2 h-words. I recommend this to anyone that likes puzzle, shooting, adventure, or horror games. And a heads up to people, at the begining of the game it says


This game contains strong language, and explicit violence and gore. There is NO strong language in this game.

Graphics A Sound A Gameplay A Control B Appropriateness C

Overall grade: B-

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