Developer: LucasArts Entertainment Company
Publisher: Factor 5
Platform: Gamecube
Rating: T for Violence

Flying alongside the other Rogue Squadron members, it\'s up to you to act as their Rogue Leader and show the path to victory, one laser blast at a time. Good Luck. May the Force be with you. (Taken from instruction manual.) That pretty much sums up RLRS2.


The graphics of RLRS2 are very, very good. Definitely up to LucasArts\'s longstanding reputation. Nintendo should be proud to have it on their console. The ships are realistic. The choices of ships that you can fly include the Y-Wing, the X-Wing, the B-Wing, the Snowspeeder, the A-Wing, and quite a few more. (You can even fly a TIE Fighter) They move realistically, they fly realistically, they shoot realistically. You really almost can feel like you\'re right in the middle of the Battle of Hoth. The missiles and guns are awesome. You click a button, and BOOM! a TIE Fighter\'s down. It\'s so cool. The lasers look just like they do in the movie: red streaks. I\'d have to give the graphics a 95.


The sound is okay. I think they could have done better, but hey, you have to take the bad with the good, huh? Repetitive is probably what sums up the sound. Every time you blow up something, it makes the same blowing up sound. Every time you make a command, your team mates say the same thing. It\'s very, very repetitive, and it gets really boring really fast. I usually just kept the volume up because I didn\'t want to go turn it down. Although, I will admit the music is pretty good. It sounds just like the movie, and is almost the same in every mission. Oh, and, the actual voice of Denis Lawson, the original Wedge Antilles, is in the game. So, I\'ll give the sound an 85.


The gameplay is pretty good. The progression of hardness through the levels is good, until you get to a certain mission, which I couldn\'t beat for weeks. The mission after that, though, was very easy, and I zipped through it. The gameplay relates to the movie verywell, to the point of some of the scenes actually being in the movie. I\'ll give the gameplay a 90.


The storyline is really great. If you\'ve ever seen the original three Star Wars, that\'s what the storyline is, pretty much. You\'re Luke Skywalker, commander of Rogue Squadron, which is basically the elite Air Force of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. () You go through different missions, starting with defeating the evil empire\'s massive \'weapon of mass destruction,\' which is a spaceship as large as a small moon, and powerful enough to blow up a planet (which it had already done). The storyline\'s score is 90.


I picked up on the controls very quickly. It\'s strange at first, but once you get used to it, very effective: A to fire lasers, B to fire a missile, R to go faster, L to slow down, X for targeting computer, Y to switch from First Person to Third Person, Control Stick to move, D-Pad to command your wing mates. Like I said, it\'s very effective, although I do have a warning: like most flight games, the control stick is inverted, which means if you pull down, the nose goes up, and vice versa. But you get used to it very quickly, believe me. The score for controls is a 90.


I am a born-again Christian, and I personally found nothing offensive about this game, and I still think it should be rated E for mild violence. But, the ESRB obviously had a reason for making it T, and some Christians will find shooting down TIE Fighters offensive. Every time a TIE gets destroyed, it, well, explodes. Although there is no blood whatsoever in the game. So, I give RLRS2 an 80 for appropriateness.

Graphics - 95 Sound - 85 Gameplay - 90 Storyline - 90 Controls - 90 Appropriateness - 80

Overall - 83.3

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