Publisher: Acclaim Developer: Climax Platform: Gamecube (Reviewed), XBox, PlayStation 2 Rated: E for Mild Lyrics, Mild Violence


The graphics in ATV2 are very good. They\'re not the best, but they\'re definitely enough to be on a Gamecube. For example, sometimes a leg will *somehow* go into a solid wall, or a chunk of ice, but I guess you can\'t always have perfect graphics. The graphics are never choppy, and the physics are great. That\'s about all I can say about graphics. score: 90


Well, what do I need to say here? It\'s a sports game, so the only storyline, per say, would be the career mode, which is where you go through 15 different tracks, and try to get a \'Master\' rating.


This is definitely one of it\'s strong points. It has great sound. It\'s extremely realistic sound; from the crunch of the fender on concrete, which just came down from a 200-foot jump, to the licensed music. It even has the people say \'Umph\' every time they get kicked. It\'s amazing sound, and I always wanted to keep the volume up! By the way, get ready to be humming the music every time you play ATV2... score: 90


The controls are excellent. I picked it up in a matter of minutes. The basics: A to go, B to stop. R to preload, X to boost. It\'s uber easy. That\'s about all I can say about it. score: 100


This is definitely my favorite part of the game. I love the multiplayer. You can choose to go Head to Head (a race in which it is just the two of you), a Single Race (four others are racing also), a Championship (you choose up to 15 races to compete in; the best overall rider wins), or a Freestyle Battle (which is in a huge indoor favorite). The only problem with Multiplayer is that there can only be two players, no more. score: 95


Do you want it in order of appearance, or alphabetically? No, I\'m just kidding. It\'s not that bad. But here\'s what wrong: first of all, you can kick the other riders off, and you get rewarded their boost for it. It\'s definitely not a good thing to get rewarded to do bad. Secondly, the lyrics are something that I get worried about. Some of the lyrics are \'We\'re the freaks! We\'re the freaks!\' (and it gets repeated throughout the whole song, generously) A song is called \'Bad Religion\', which is by Godsmack. \'Become What You Hate\' is another song. These are definitely not appropriate for born-again Christians. Do not give up all hope, though. You can turn them all off in the options section. Another inappropriate part of the game are a few of the characters. One of the few players you can get at first is a girl in a very tight and skimpy bikini. Of course the camera caters to that fact. Another character is called \'Devil Girl\', and is in a very similar outfit. She also looks like a rendition of \'today\'s devil.\' Another character is a troll, which I found offensive, but I doubt everyone will. score: 65


Graphics - 90 Storyline - N/A Sound - 90 Controls - 100 Multiplayer - 95 Appropriateness - 65

Final Score: 88%

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