Key Facts:

Publisher/Developer: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: Everyone for Comic Mischief, Mild Violence
Number of Players: 1-2
Available For: Gamecube


Nintendo brings back its highly original game Pikmin, with many new additions. This time around, your employer - Hocotate Freight - has run up quite the debt, and it?s up to you, Captain Olimar, to find a way to repay it. It seems that a souvenir brought back from your previous misadventure turns out to be rather valuable, so without much delay, your boss sends you back to that strange planet to retrieve more treasure. This time, you are not going alone. Aiding you in your quest is your co-employee, Louie.

Game play - 9/10

Upon planet entry, Louie?s fate is a cruel one, falling from the ship before landing. Obviously he must be rescued before beginning your search for treasure, and so begins your training. Once a few Pikmin join your quest, you?ll learn how to manage them. As you?ll learn during the exercise, the controls are simple, but highly effective. In searching for treasures, you?ll have to overcome a variety of obstacles. Obstacles may be a simple puzzle, large enemies, or the newly included, subterranean areas. And of course, five Pikmin won?t get you to your goal, you must also harvest an army by collecting Pikmin tabs and enemy remains. While it may not sound like it, the gameplay is actually quite varied, very fun, and addicting. Don?t expect to be able to play for only a short time, either. You won?t want to quit until you?ve found ?just one more treasure?. Among the treasures you find, you will also gain new items that unlock new levels, game modes, or tools. What has improved since the first game? Well, there are two new kinds of Pikmin now ? totaling five - each with its own special talents. The old time limit has been removed, so now gameplay doesn?t feel rushed. Nintendo has added a two-player battle mode, a capture the flag style game that works surprisingly well. A Challenge Mode, in which you race the clock with predefined parameters, and also features a two player co-operative mode. And Nintendo?s crammed even more in their game.

Graphics - 9/10

While the graphics haven?t improved dramatically over the first game, that doesn?t mean that they are any less fantastic. Pikmin 2 looks very organic, which is just what it was aiming to do. Everything moves very fluidly, even when over a hundred characters are on screen. Even in the split-screen modes this game looks great. Characters are well designed and animated. Graphical effects fit well.

Sound - 9/10

And finally, Pikmin 2 lives up to Nintendo?s reputation in sound. Everything fits perfectly! The sound effects suit the environment and characters just right. The music nails the atmosphere, and you?ll probably be humming along with it.


The single-player campaign alone lasts 20-30 hours. But if you game with others, the longevity will boost considerably thanks to the excellent 2-Player Battle, and co-operative Challenge Modes.


- Violence - 8/10

Pikmin get eaten, squashed, set ablaze, drowned, and poisoned. Moreover your Pkmin kill many large creatures, but all is done in a cartoon-like manner.

- Language - 10/10

As with most Nintendo-made games, you won?t find any foul language here.

- Adult Content - 10/10

Nor is there any adult content for that matter.

- Occult - 10/10

Pikmin 2 is free from any occult material.

Overall - 9/10

If you?re ready for a change of pace, look no further than Pikmin 2. If you?re looking for a high-quality, clean game, look no further than Pikmin 2. If you?re looking for a typical sequel, look elsewhere. Pikmin 2 is a Reviewer?s Choice!

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