A fun, if inapropriate, action game

Bloodrayne is a straight out, gory, no rules, beat em\' up fest. I had a lot of fun with this one, but I must admit that I felt a little bad about some of the things in the game.


Bloodrayne has it\'s nice moments. The character Rayne herself is a beauty to behold, as are most of the main characters. The game looks even better if you turn down the brightness. The cutscenes are some of the best I\'ve beheld!


Frantic! I couldn\'t believe how fast paced this game is. Although there is the occasional moment where you think to yourself about what to do, they come rarely and aren\'t very brain racking. The left trigger attacks, the right trigger shoots, the z button selects guns. The A button jumps, the B button uses Rayne\'s \'Harpoon\' the Y button activates \'Bloodrage\' a fury mode where the attacks are stronger, and the X button preforms a 180-spin.


Great voice work. Music is nearly nonexistent and sound effects are spot on.


Bleh. Bloodrayne is extremely gory and has many flying body parts. It also involves a battle against a former Satan, and Bloodrayne herself is half vampire. There is a lot of blood sucking in this game. And a lot of cussing. Rayne herself is the main perpetrator, sayin\' every word in the book at times. This game is not for kids. Rayne and her mentor Mynce both wear revealing clothing, and Rayne often moves in a suggestive manner during cutscenes. Rayne also tends to use her mdiddle finger alot. Overall, Bloodrayne is an fun, if short lived action game, with many-a christian downfalls.

Appropriatness-F Gameplay-8.9 Graphics-7.5 Sound-8