Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: E for Mild Lyrics
For: GameCube

Reviewed by: Drew Regensburger

The original Wave Race for the N64 was an instant hit, eventually selling over 1 million copies, and becoming a player\'s choice game. Wave Race: Blue Storm for the GameCube (officially titled the GCN) plays on the same time-tested formula that the original made so revolutionary, except the new game modifies the game play with more elements, improved effects, and excellent sound.


The sound in Wave Race is intentionally well done, with waves splashing against the shore, seagulls crying, and water bikes zooming all around you. It is especially and experience on Surround Sound. The seagulls cawing are an especially subtle effect, however, if you stop your bike for a moment, you can fully take in the sound environments that the creators\' put you in. Of course, no game is good without game play, and that rounds off the effects and sound quite well.


The effects in this game are quite well done, with everything from storms rising to giant waves throwing you off your course, to killer whales in the crystal clear waters of the Arctic. If you look close enough you will see little effects the developers threw in for grins and giggles, such as the giant, and I mean giant, sea turtle under the waters with dolphins swimming past him. Other effects such as this include underwater ice bergs that would have crashed the Titanic gradually sloping upwards to the tip of the ice berg. Gale force winds will blow you off course with water levels rising past safety levels, and boxes crashing into the ocean around you from a boat. The trick, during these fantastic Perfect Storm-esque moments is to ride the caps of the waves, another effect adding to the realism of the game.

Game play

Game play-wise, this game lacks. I blame this on the horrible, slow-reacting control scheme of the game. It is worth, however, playing the game just for the excellent effects and sound, earning this game at least a rental from Joe Racer. But for Bob \'\' Racer, this game may be heaven in a video game. With 12 racers on the track at once, and the most twisty tracks to grace the GCN to date, this game does deliver, and is worth buying a GameCube for, at least from Bob \'\' Racer. If you don\'t particularly like racing games, the GameCube still does have something to offer for you. I don\'t think the controller works particularly well with this game, but I am not an avid racing fan. From a Christian perspective, this game is exceptionally clean. There is a mild cuss word or two during some of the songs, but that really isn\'t a problem, since the music is pretty muted anyway.

Final Ratings

Game play C- Controls F Sound A+ Appropriateness A- Graphics A+

Overall 70%

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