For: GameCube
ESRB Rating: T for , Suggestive Themes, Mild Lyrics
Learning Curve: 15 minutes(unless you rent it from BlockBuster)
Published by: THQ Developed by: THQ
By Drew Regensburger with a little help from Kris Williford

All the action (if you could call it that), excitement, greased-up muscle fiends, and suggestive content comes to the GCN in the most suped-up, steroid-pumped title of the year. That is, if you like fighting titles.


Many reviews have said that the controls were not made for the GCN. Now, I present a different side to the story. I loved the N64 controller. It was my baby. I cradled it, kept it safe. I still do. It was my controller, molded to fit my hands. It\'s something you can\'t describe, when you feel that a controller is yours only. You don\'t let anyone use it. Other controllers feel…dead, cold, lifeless. Now, the point of that little blip was that I am used to hard to control games, with my own controller. WWH No Mercy is one example. It has horrible controls. Yet, on the GCN that is made perfect. The control stick is the all purpose move tool, allowing you to position yourself to grapple with the A button. Unlike the previous THQ Nintendo wrestling title, you don\'t have different grapple strengths; you have one grapple; regular moves are executed by pushing a direction on the control stick, and specials are executed from the A and B button together. The taunts(crucial for crowd approval) are made by using the infuriatingly small D-pad, which will give you blisters. However, you do not need to do that: all you need is your punches and kicks, and you\'ve got your specials secured. 8 out of 10


The game features some amazing graphics, and some of the best in-game character s yet, as well as sporting realistic stadiums and entrance videos. The Undertaker rides in on a motorcycle, for those of you familiar with the sport, that actually looks like a motorcycle!!! Referees are present, also painstakingly ed in some of the most beautiful fighting game graphics yet, and you can distract them by knocking the ref out. You can also see the two announcers scramble out of the way when you break the announcer\'s table. Weapons bend, break, and fold when you hit somebody with them, eventually becoming trash. There are realistic physics included, so when your fighter gets hurt, he stumbles around like one would do. 10 out of 10


The matches have perhaps the most impressive roster, featuring everything from the TLC(not Tender, Loving, Care!!!--Tables, Ladders, and Chairs!!!)match, to the infamous Hell In A Cell. The cages are styled like chain link fences, and the tables break in the center, like…well, I\'ve never broken a table. Just the same, the physics apply to the matches as well, and you end up wanting to taunt your best friend after you play it. After all, the winner takes bragging rights. 9.5 out of 10

Single-Player Game

My fellow collaborator, Kris, has informed me of the single player game. It includes 10 fights, which are random, and virtually no cut scenes. You earn the main titles except for the women\'s championship, and are able to compete for titles via the two save pack slots on the GCN itself. After you win the titles themselves, you can name them; the catch being that you need 13 extra save spaces for the entire game. 7 out of 10


From a Christian perspective, this game does have . You fight, bash, and smash your opponent through multiple arenas. It also has some revealing clothed women, mostly the Create-A-Wrestler created ones, however. There is also fist fights, and weapon use. If you object to any movie that involves punching the snot out of the bad guy, don\'t play this game. And if you object to Korn….well, turn down the volume. 8 out of 10

Final Ratings

Appropriateness B- Sound B+ Graphics A+ Gameplay A+ Controls A+

Overall 94%

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