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Down on a small island named Outlook Island, there is a legend of a boy garbed in green clothing that banished evil from a mysterious land forever. This boy was called the Hero of Time. Now, on this island, it is customary of children to dress in green clothes just as the Hero of Time has on his or her tenth birthday. Now we come upon the family of a boy named Link. He lives with his grandmother (whose name is not revealed), and his sister Aryll. Upon turning the age of ten, young Link dons the traditional clothing of the hero of time.


There is only one way to describe the graphics in this game. Amazing. Although the cel-shaded look gives it a whole new look, which may turn off some gamers. This cartoonish look gives the game a lot for new options that were not available with the regular ?realistic? look. For instance, Link constantly changes his facial expression as he moves around and enters different areas. The new graphic style gives the game a whole new dimension.


Tight and simple. You assign a weapon to the X, Y, and Z buttons. You use the B button to use your sword and A for the action labeled. As I said above, the control is tight and it responds immediately to your actions. But the thing that still bugs me is that you still can?t jump.


The sound in this game is pretty good. You hear the seagulls in the distance and the roar of the waves outside. The sound of your sword hitting an object changes depending on what the object is. You hear the crackle of the fire. You even hear link drink his Gramma?s homemade soup. Plus, the music is great and varies from island to island. All in all, the sound is vibrant and delighting.

Game Play

If you have played any Zelda game, then you know what to expect. Run through the world, find items that will help you defeat the evil creature/person in the game, go through dungeons, defeat bosses, find keys, etc., etc. Yes, it is basically the same thing that is in every other game. But there are also many side quests that you can do for fun. For example you can get all of the extra items, or make statues of all of the characters in the game from the pictures you take. But, it is pretty much the same.


At a Christian viewpoint, this game is fairly violent with the hack-and-slash action. But, that?s the least of your worries. *This May Be A Spoiler* At one point in the game, you enter a ?Tower of the Gods? and take tests form the 'Gods'. These ?Gods? the three goddesses that 'made the earth and all life on it', which is totally against the Christian view. *Spoiler End*


Graphics A+ Control A Game play B+ Control A Sound A+ Appropriateness D+

Overall 88%

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