Developed by: EA Games
For: GameCube, PS2. X-Box
Version reviewed: GameCube
Learning curve: 5 min.
Rated: T for Suggestive Themes, , Mild Language
Reviewed By: Drew Regensburger

It\'s everything you love about the Simpsons, and more! Well, at least everything I love about the Simpsons. This is basically a Crazy Taxi-kind of game. The object is to pick up more passengers, hence gaining money. You can play as almost any of your favorite characters--unless your favorite character, or just play, and pick a favorite character. The cars handle like real cars, and the only problem is that in some towns, it is too easy to get stuck. This is easily solved by just pressing the \'Z\' button on the top right of the controller. The other problem is the oversensitive control stick. Sometimes the car will swerve too much, sometimes too little. The C-Stick is put to good use by using it for backing up out of tight jams. Other than the control issues, the game is extremely fun and intuitive.


Basically what you can expect from any Simpsons-based game, crisp, simple, cel-shaded graphics that have the look and feel of the cartoon. The environments are regulated to simplistic looking houses and buildings, while the landmarks are done with great care. Even billboards and signs for fast food joints are included. This is really cool, and, if you watch the show, you can even pick out places that you recognize. Animation is well done, with the physics engine well done and sufficiently cartoony to have a good time with. Objects bounce, glide, and fly through the air when you hit them?so do the residents of Springfield. Overall, the graphical qualities outdo the errors, and make this one of the most graphically beautiful driving games in a long time.


The Simpsons: Road Rage features all the wild and hilarious characters from the series-- minus the guest stars-- with all of their wit and stupidity in all of its glory. One of the main problem with the Simpsons in general in its irreverence to any and all things. In fact, I have turned off several episode because of the fact that it mocked Christianity and its beliefs. However, the awesome sounds of this game allow for some real laughs, like when the idiotic Dr. Nick says, \'Take me to the retirement castle?I need a cadaver to practice on\'; some of the lines made me pause the game to stop my hysterical laughter. The only real problem is Homer, when he says a cuss word or two. Nothing four-lettered, folks.

Game Play

The sound and graphics make for an enjoyable ride, but how good does it play? Well, with a variety of vehicles to choose from, multiple modes, including Road Rage mode, in which you can pick up fares to earn cash, and then unlock new cars and drivers, and Sunday Drive mode, in which you just explore the locales you have unlocked. There is also a multiplayer mode, and a Crazy-Taxi, run around and take customers to their destinations mode. Overall, the game play is addicting and makes you want to come back for more, which may or may not be a good thing. However, since the game is what it is, you will be suffering from frequent blisters.


Man, if control could get any tighter, I wouldn\'t be able to breathe. Seriously, this game has some of the most intuitive, pick up and play, most well designed controls ever. All the buttons on the \'Cube\'s controller is used, including the Z button, cleverly designed for resetting your car\'s position. You have to see these controls to believe them.


The Simpson\'s is a bit notorious for having a leave-nothing-sacred attitude, and this game is no different. In fact, one of the playable characters, the Pastor, drives a Burning Book Mobile, basically saying that all Christians burn books. He also talks about how God will smote you if he is not delivered, and other nonsense. Homer is, well, Homer, and the jokes are at some of best when he\'s behind the wheel. In fact, Homer is responsible for most of the cussing in the game, so the game does deserve a Teen rating.

Final Ratings

Game Play: B+ Sound: A+ Graphics: A Appropriateness: D+ Control: A+

Overall: 85%