Developed by: Z-Axis Published by: AKA Acclaim (formerly Acclaim Max Sports) ESRB Rating: T for , Suggestive Themes, Strong Language For: Nintendo Gamecube, PS2, Gameboy Advance Version reviewed: Gamecube Learning Curve: 30 minutes(approximate time of tutorial)

Tony Hawk started it. His games were some of the first in the \'exteme sports\' genre. Then Z-Axis, the developer of this game, came out with Thrasher: Skate and Destroy for Sony\'s Playstation. Since then, Tony has had 4 games, Z-Axis has moved from Rockstar Games, publishers of Thrasher, to Acclaim, and produced two Dave Mirra games, one inline skating title, and the disgusting BMX . So, in the extreme sports war, Activision (publisher of the Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman, Shaun Palmer, Shaun Murray, Kelly Slater, and Travis Pastrana games), is currently winning, but Acclaim is not going down without a bit of a fight.


Well, they aren\'t the best, to say the least. They are far from Dave Mirra\'s graphical engine, which, besides having numerous clipping issues (clipping is when the game character goes into or through an object), and some truly horrible animation, also suffered from some screwy physics and worse jaggies than those that plague almost all Playstation 2 titles (there are some MAJOR exceptions, Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts being two of them). While the animation in Aggressive Inline is pretty awesome, and there are almost no jaggies existent in the game, the characters suffer from a chunky look that pervades many of the game environments. Some edges are not very well done, and characters seem more exaggerated than in real life. However, the graphical power of the Little Blue Cube is displayed in the way levels load, the excellent videos and cinema cut scenes, and the extreme size and depth of the levels.


The levels are HUGE. Besides what is available from the start, there is also hidden areas that hold the secrets of the level, such as Dr. Frankie\'s Lab in the Movie Lot level. Oftentimes there will be 25 or more mission objectives to complete before a level is done, and that is besides the powerups. Perhaps the most amazing part of the game is the arcade-like feel to it. You are equipped with a juice bar, a health meter of sorts, that tells you your power and your speed. If you crash, besides shedding a little , you also lose a little off your meter, making it in your best interest NOT to crash. The folks at Z-Axis have included a way to keep you playing. RPG and fantasy enthusiasts listen up-- this one\'s for you. Not to be left in the wake of Activision\'s constant innovating the extreme sports genre, Z-Axis takes the game a little closer to real life. Instead of buying stats with money as in the most recent Tony Hawk games, Z-Axis has added a certain RPG-like flair to it\'s new game, which basically entails leveling up your character\'s stats to make your game and character unique. Like wallriding? Focus on that, and level your character\'s wallride stats up. If you like jumping, jump away, good sir, and ye will have a new level. Sweet, eh?


Tight controls allow the player to jam away at their A button and never get tired. (I never said anything about blistering, did I?) And, the next innovation is? the Action button!!! Remember how the action button was in action games, and was formerly the A button. Give the A button a rest. X, this is up to you. Pole vaulting, vaulting, talking? a whole heck of a lot can be done with one jelly-bean shaped button. The rest of the controls are as tight and solid as they can be.


Along with the likes of P.O.D, you can ride to the likes of Hoobastank and some other less known punk bands. The music comes off crisp and clear, but leaves you wanting to turn it of after a while. Some of the songs also feature questionable lyrics. If you turn off the music, you will hear ambient noises, such as birds chirping, a woman calling you a punk for careening into her, and your skates rolling in the air. Basically that\'s what it\'s like. When you press the Action button after riding up to a person with a bubble over their head (meaning they can be spoken to), you will be treated to some very comedic voice acting, that can range from crude to just downright funny. This is also where the Strong Language content descriptor comes in, because some of the characters cuss when you screw up an objective.


Besides the bad language, and a gratuitous amount of blood shed, there is also a move called the Pornstar Grind, which is? kind of weird?. I don\'t get it. The female characters also feature some bounce when they ride, and one, called Chrissy, is wearing a skirt that moves up when you jump, showing her panties.

Final Ratings

Game Play: A Sound: B+ Graphics: C- Appropriateness: D Control: A

Overall: 70%

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