For: Nintendo Gamecube, PS2, Xbox Version Reviewed: Nintendo Gamecube Developed By: EA Games ESRB Rating: T for Violence and Suggestive Themes

Action. Women. Intrigue. All this spells Bond. James Bond. Ok, I can\'t spell. This is what Agent Under Fire is about. Oh, and did I forget a top-notch, movie-esque storyline, excellent graphics and what the heck\'s a Bond Move? Bond Moves are special, dramatic moves, that aren\'t necessary, but they will up your score. It might be taking out a gas station to clear a road block, or possibly dropping a crate on an enemy behind some barrels. What ever the case, this new feature adds flair and even more action(or violence, if you like), and also shows what EA Games can do. The game has 3 different shooter modes (Rail, Driving, FPS). In the Rail shooter mode, it pulls you along a set path, driving shooters let you drive and shoot, and then you have your typical FPS. The graphical prowess of this game shocks everyone who sees it. Even if you do not like the graphics in the game, the gameplay, and controls are really quite good. The use of the Control Stick, the C-Stick, and the R-Button form a quite perfect union that blends into the gameplay perfectly. Now, for the story. Agent James Bond has to recover stolen vials. There\'s also some cloning being done by Identicon. While attempting stop this, he finds that an ambassador has been killed, and he must find who has done this. From Hong Kong, to Eastern Europe, Bond must find the killer, and stop a madmans plot. Can he do it???


Appropriate: 3/5 Controls: 3.5/5 Game Play: 4/5 Music/Sound: 5/5 Graphics: 5/5

Overall 82%

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