Here are some hidden extras that can be unlocked in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Unlockable: Duel-Bladed Roxas

To unlock Roxas using Oblivion and Oathkeeper in mission mode, you need to beat the game, purchase the Zero Gear, equip it with three ability units, and play mission mode. The two keys are only available during mission mode. In story mode, it\'s a weapon called Keyblade+.

Character Unlockables:

  • Xion - Play story mode to day 96.
  • Riku - Play story mode to day 171.
  • Donald - Play story mode to day 244.
  • Goofy - Play story mode to day 277.

Unlockable: Theater Mode

After you beat the game, you unlock a Theater Mode. This allows you to view movies that are found within the game.

Unlockable: Goofy Weapons

After you purchase the Casual Gear in the moogle store, you can give most characters in mission mode a "goofy" weapon. For example, if you attach it to Saix (one of the orginazation members), he has a giant banana for a weapon.

Unlockable: Other Diaries

After you beat the game, you can unlock secret diary pages from the other Organization members. To unlock more pages, beat some of the challenges in the story mode.

Special Unlockable: King Mickey

To unlock Disney\'s famous mascot as a playable character in mission mode, you have to find every Unity Badge, Ordeal Badge, and Ordeal Blazon located in the missions. Now, an item called "Return of the King"  can be purchased at the moogle store. If you puchase it, then you unlock Mickey Mouse in mission mode.

Special Unlockable: Sora

Even in a Kingdom Hearts game starring someone else, Square Enix couldn\'t resist putting Sora in. To unlock Sora, you have to beat every story mission with the mission gauge filled completely. Like Mickey, you unlock an item to puchase at the moogle store. This one is called "Sora\'s Awakening". Purchase it, and you unlock the ability to play as Sora in mission mode.