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Project SELINI - One Man Puzzle Platformer DevVlog

Post by ccgr »

SELINI is more than a Game

The story behind the Solo Development Project

I was an obsessed PSX gamer as a teenager and I still get the chills every time I hear the music of Resident Evil 2 or the intro tune of Metal Gear Solid. However, life had other plans for me and I had to quit games for a quite long time until I became a father. Then, I not only started playing games again with my son but even decided to make a game with him. The project was decided to be named SELINI and in case that you wonder, It actually means "moon" in Greek. I'm somehow related to this celestial object in mysterious ways.
Introducing to you - SELINI -

I'm glad to introduce to you SELINI a game inspired by the titles like Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter (world design), and HOB (world design and puzzles).

SELINI is an emotional 3D single-player adventure full of colors, sounds, and dreams played in a side-scrolling fashion.

Time management, memory challenges, observation, resources management, and gravity mastering are some of the skills needed to proceed with the story.

Other than that, You can always:

Collect crystals to unlock doors
Collect energy for your space-home
Push and drag objects to access new areas
Use levers to control abandoned machinery
Manipulate gravity
Transform the world

There is one button that you can press, the one that can start the credits. You press it. End of game.

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