Infinitrap: Rehamstered is about to hit Xbox like a hamster with a death wish

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Infinitrap: Rehamstered is about to hit Xbox like a hamster with a death wish

Post by ccgr »

The first console port of Infinitrap: Rehamstered – the hardcore top-down platformer by Shadebob Games – is launching next week!

On Wednesday, June 16, you’ll take on the mantle of the world’s Second Best Adventurer, Ohio Jack, on his quest for the Cup of Eternity and better work conditions. But between fame and a fall from glory, there’s the small matter of dungeons ... which are filled with bone-crunching, piercing, acid-laden traps and horrors beyond compare. Watch the trailer below for some context:

Yes, Infinitrap: Rehamstered has a nearly infinite number of deadly traps in a massive, ever-expanding dungeon – and it may involve some hamsters. What you didn’t know is that the Steam version of Infinitrap: Rehamstered includes an awesome Level Editor that allows you to assemble ever-more-treacherous levels to share with friends. Or you can play someone else’s levels if you’re so inclined ...


Run like your life depends on it: Because it absolutely does!
Frolic freely with the local zombies: They're all the rage at children's parties. Why look at a menu … when you could be on the menu?!
Soak up the slag from our Lava Lakes: While making merry with our resident Mer-folk, many an adventurer has enjoyed their company one ... final ... painful ... time.
Stay beautiful: Our Acid Baths will exfoliate your skin until your inner beauty shines through!
Dart around our underground in search of treasure: If you're really lucky, you just might find the fabled Cup of Eternity! Many adventurers are just dying to add one to their collection.

Infinitrap: Rehamstered - Lower World
Infinitrap: Rehamstered will launch on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One next Wednesday, June 16 for $12.99. The Steam version (which contains an exclusive Level Editor) retails for $9.99.

The game is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Microsoft Store:
Coming soon!

Steam: ... ehamstered

Game Jolt:
Infinitrap: Rehamstered - Rankings

Founded in 2015 by Yanick Bourbeau and headquartered in Quebec, Shadebob Games is a small indie studio with a simple goal: to rewrite the rules of game development and have some fun along the way! To learn more about Infinitrap: Rehamstered and Shadebob Games, please visit and

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