Narratively Driven Puzzle Title 'Reversion' Announces Final Chapter

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Narratively Driven Puzzle Title 'Reversion' Announces Final Chapter

Postby ccgr » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:57 am

Narratively Driven Puzzle Title 'Reversion' Announces Final Chapter

Play through the final chapter of the story in Reversion: The Return

3f Interactive is excited to announce the third and final chapter in it's narratively driven series Reversion. Taking place in a ruined Buenos Aires in the year 2035, Reversion follows the story of Christian as he attempts to recover his memory and work with a group of resistance fighters to overthrow a paramilitary group that has taken over the city.

In Reversion, players will interact with a charismatic cast of fully voiced characters set to a hand-drawn story. The game's continuation places players in the perspective of Christian once again, who has suffered memory loss due to traveling through a wormhole to the year 2035. Having previously escaped a hospital and with newfound allies, Christian still suffers from amnesia but has decided to take up the mantle as a member of the resistance. Through conversations with the cast of characters, players will find out more about Christian's past and how he came to be in the current year.
Along with character interaction, players will have to solve puzzles in order to unlock key pieces of information. With the gaps in Christian's memory, players will need to solve riddles such as mathematical formulas which will help players to uncover how Christian came to be in the current year and how he may aid the Resistance against Sergio. Players will piece together clues found along the way by interacting with objects and the environment, as well as attempt to find out how the paramilitary organization came into power and more importantly how to overthrow it and its leader, the diabolical Sergio.

Reversion: The Return also introduces cinematics to the franchise which will present players with pivotal moments in the game's story. As a fully hand-drawn title, Reversion pays homage to the traditional 2D graphics of the genre while presenting players with a devastated Buenos Aires of the future. Players will explore the streets of the city where many a beloved landmark has been destroyed or all but forgotten.
Reversion: The Return will be coming to Steam in Q1 2020. The series beginning chapters The Escape and The Meeting are available now for PC on Steam and iOS via the App Store. For more information on Reversion visit the official site -

A list of features include:
Story-based gameplay - thought-provoking story with many twists and turns.
Challenging puzzles - use your wits to solve a wide variety of puzzles along your journey.
Gather clues - search the collapsed city for clues to your past and how the city came to be in ruins.
Character interaction - talk with an array of charismatic and mysterious characters to find out more about your past and how to be a valuable member of the resistance.
Fully voice acted - the cast of Reversion is brought to life by talented voice actors.
Classic hand-drawn 2D graphics.
Cinematic hand-drawn cutscenes, full of epic story moments.
Stylized soundtrack inspired by traditional Argentinian music.

About 3f Interactive
3f interactive is a new brand of 3f, created especially for the development of video games. The team at 3f Interactive is composed not only of developers but also of artists, merging the creation of art with design. Combining their decades of gaming knowledge, 3f Interactive aims to create games that are impactful, delivering memorable experiences while also being enjoyable to play.

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