NEKO-NIN exHeart 3 Out now on Steam!

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NEKO-NIN exHeart 3 Out now on Steam!

Postby ccgr » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:07 pm

NEKO-NIN exHeart 3 Out now on Steam!

The action heats up in NEKO-NIN exHeart 3! In case you forgot what happened in the previous entry, worry not as there is a recap episode in the game. NEKO-NIN exHeart 3 from the developer Japanese Whirlpool is priced at $9.99 with a 10% off discount that lasts until October 25th on Steam.

"We have arrived from the Fuuma Village in order to serve you, sir!"

...It's already been a few months since that fated day when those cute cat-eared ninjas came to our hero's doorstep with that line. With two new additions to the family in Ritsu and Maya, his daily life has gotten that much more bright, cheerful, and rambunctious.
However, as expected? As is fated! New developments arise that bring tense situations to a head.

"I am the next leader of the Saiga Clan! Successor to the Magoichi name... Saiga Himari!"

Out appeared a beautiful yet high-handed young lady and her two retainers. What is this girl's objective? What is the Saiga Clan? This modern day ninja drama enters its third act. With amped-up cuteness in store, it will meow meow you for sure.
Out now on Steam! Nin nin!

CV. Sakura Yorunaga

A beautiful yet high-handed young lady who comes to crash at the hero's house in typical (?) fashion. Has a habit of saying things are "quite exquisite," but neither her words nor her actions are very exquisite, to say the least. She is all-around very panicky, which is disappointing. She is, however, a good girl on the inside... one assumes, at least. Somewhat of a junkie for beast-eared girls, in addition to lovingly doting over her two attendants, she has been falling head over heels for Maya's charm as of late. And she also seems to have a rather deep relationship with Saiha.

"Perhaps this is a more fitting introduction? I am the next leader of the Saiga Clan! Successor to the Magoichi name... Saiga Himari!"

CV. Rin Mitaka

A tiger-eared maid who came along with Himari as her attendant, just like Shino. That is a title that she even gives herself, confirming that maid is the proper nomenclature. She also seems capable of using ninjutsu for the most part. To our hero, she is a breath of fresh air by the way of being the mature older sister type, with a kind and gentle appearance being her defining characteristics. But if one pays careful attention to her, you can sometimes see that she has an almost deadpan nature. In a certain sense, she is the hardest to get a proper gauge on. As a shikigami-user she masters all sorts of creatures, but her favorite is a tiger named Taison.

"I'm quite greedy when it comes to this. I always look for the most optimal result♪ Now, prepare yourselves."

CV. Maya Suzuya

A self-proclaimed true cat ninja who wields the Demon Blade Murasame and a member of the Satomi Hachi-nyan Ninjas. She is supposed to be serving the hero in similar fashion to Ritsu and Maya, but she shows up alongside of Himari. Since she is the silent type of very few words, even her comrades think that it is hard to even guess what is on her mind at any given time. When the chips are down and her friends need her, she usually takes an all too galant stance and actively steps to the forefront, but this has the unfortunate result of making people think that she's a combat enthusiast and that the red from fresh blood is her favorite color, among other such misconceptions. Thing is, she is so shy and introverted that she can't even bring it in herself to refute those claims (even ones by her own teammates). She needs kindness and understanding. Also, she is a dog, not a cat. No doubt about it.


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